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cerebral angiography

post op?
lie flat -- dye injected into femoral artery -- fluorscopic and radiologic films taken after injection

Well hydrated
shave site -- mark pulses
patient have feeling of warmth and metallic taste when dye injected

After -- neuro checks
flat in bed 12-14 hours
check injection site
Lumbar Puncture
insertion into subarachnoid space

lateral recumbant fetal position at edge of bed

position prone for 2-3 hours
endourge fluid to 30000
Analgesics for HA
observe dressing for bleeding or drainage
Records electrical activity of brain
What are preparations for EEG
explain -- painless
no tranquilizer or stimulants for 24-48 hours before
no other stimulants for 24 hours before
can eat
kept awake night before test

After -- remove paste from hair -- give meds
evaluate brain structures through sound waves

Hand held transducer used to record sound waves
detects hemorrages, etc.

painless -- if contrast dye may get flushed, metallic taste

NI: check for allergies, encourage PO fluids
visualize spinal column and subarachnoid space

NPO 4-6 hours -- allergy history
meds withheld 48 hours before
table moved to various positions during test

After care: neuro assessments 2-4 hours

when water-soluble dye raise head 30-45 degrees for 3 hours

Analgesics for HA
positron emission tomography -- used to assess metabolic and physiological function of brain

Procedure: patient inhales or ijected with radioactive substance and then is scanned

Patient may have dizzy then HA -- teach relaxation