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what D/O in Ped Neuro is very common and frequently underdiagnosed?
Juvenile Migraine H/A
Somone who just started having H/A 2-3 months ago and now has D/A as soon as wake up?
Juvenile Migraine H/A
can you have migraine syndrome w/o H/A?
what's interesting about migraine syndrome
do not have to have H/A!
Char of benign febrile seizures
1. Age: 6 mo-4 yrs
2. Brief in duration: <5 min
3. Generalized (affects whole body, not just left or right side)
4. Occur as single episodes
char of complex febrile seizure
1. >10 min duration
2. Focal (just left or right side)
3. occur in clusters
4. higher incidence of subsequent afebrile seizure D/O (thus, must watch more closely)
Tx for febrile seizures
if fever precedes seizure by several hours, use PRN diazepam (Valium)
definition of seizure
abnl CLINICAL spell caused by abnl electric activity in brain (even if see abnl EEG,, the pt isn't having a seizure unless he's falling down and shaking)
def of epilepsy
tendencing to have RECURRING seizures (someone who has one seizure is NOT an epileptic)
subtypes of CP (cerebral palsy)
-all 4 limbs: spastic quadraplegia
-only legs involved: spastic diplegia
-only L or R side involved: hemiplegic CP
-athetoid mvmts: athetoid CP
-if hypotonic (+Babinksi): Hypotonic CP
*EXAM-axillary freckles
*multiple cafe-au-lait spots
-subcutaneous tumors
-may have CNS involvement:
~tumors of optic nerve (CN2): optic glioma
~tumors of acoustic nerve (CN8): acoustic neuroma
causes of acute chorea
*EXAM: Syndenham's chorea (post-strep, part of rheumatic fever complex)
*Know that it's part of Rh heart dz and must be put on anti-strep prophylaxis

-Thyroid Dz
-Parathy Dz
-Drug-induced (phenytoin, carbamezepine, birth control)
multiple ticks, including vocal tics, >1 year
multiple ticks, including vocal tics, >1 year
how Dx Juvenile Migraine H/A
1.Aura (flashing lights, dizziness, numbness of L or R side)
2.relief by sleep
3. NORMAL neuro exam
Lt prognosis for Juvenile Migraine H/A
-most kids outgrow it
-Tx for 1 year, then taper
how evalute for epilepsy
can do normal EEG,
sleep deprived EEG, or
23-hour video EEG
how Tx epilepsy
give daily meds for 2 years til seizure free (don't need to Tx initial seizure because 1 seizure is not epilepsy!)
Cerebral Palsy
-D/O of locomotion present since birth (secondary to problems with brain or s.c.)
CP subtype involving all 4 limbs
spastic quadriplegia
CP subtype when only legs involved
spastic diplegia
CP subtype with only L or R side involved
hemiplegic CP
CP subtype if athetoid mvmt
athetoid CP
CP subtype if hypotonic
(hypotonic= (+)Babinski)
hypotonic CP
clinical features of CP
1.spasticity (certain muscles are continually contracted
-->incr DTR's, +Bab, Adductor Reflex: both legs adduct)
2.normal intelligence
3.disordered swallowing, possible aspiration and pneumonia
Sturge Weber syndrome
*facial hemangioma (benign skin lesion)- port wine stain
*occipital lobe calcification
port-wine stain
Sturge Weber syndrome
disturbance of posture caused by simultaneous contractions of agonist and antagonist
mvmt D/O
3.Motor tics (if include vocal tics-->Tourette's)
cause of degenerative D/O
absent enzyme or protein
hallmarks of presentation of degenerative D/O
1.Loss of previous development milestones
2.New onset of neuro defects (nystagmus)
3.Hard to differentiate from static encephalo-pathy early on
4.Developmental delay with no clear explanation
milkmaid's grip