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general visceral efferent GVE
innervates smooth muscle and cardiac muscle glands
special visceral efferent SVE
innervates skeletal muscle derived from branchial arches
general somatic efferent GSE
innervates skeletal muscle derived from myotomes
general visceral afferent GVA
innervates viscera (heart, GI tract, etc)
special visceral afferent SVA
innervates taste buds
general somatic afferent GSA
innervates skin, muscle spindles, tendons, and joints
special somatic afferent SSA
innervates special senses (vision, audition, balance)
alar plate
located dorsally in spinal cord and laterally in brain stem, develops the sensory nuclei (corresponds to GVA, SVA, GSA, SSA)
basal plate
located ventrally in spinal cord and medially in brain stem, develops the motor nuclei (corresponds to GSE, SVE, and GVE)
sulcus limitans
longitudinal groove marking the border between the alar and basal plates
gag reflex
senory= glossopharyngeal
motor= vagal