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An application from Novell that runs on NetWare servers and provides email messaging, scheduling, and collaboration services.
The core of a UNIX-type of system and a NetWare NOS. Loaded and ran when you turn on your computer.
A freely distributable implementation of a UNIX-type of system.
The online documentation for any variety of the UNIX operating system.
Manuel pages
In NetWare 4.x and 5.x, the system of managing multiple servers and their resources, including users, volumes, groups, profiles, and printer, used with NetWare versions 4.x and 5.x
NetWare Directory Services (NDS)-
A popular remote file system created by Sun Microsystems, and available for UNIX-type of systems.
Network File System (NFS
a routine associated with particular NetWare application or service. Each one consumes some of the server’s memory and processor resources.
NetWare Loadable Module (NLM)
The 64 bit file access and storage system installed by default and preferred for use on NetWare 6.x servers
Novell Storage Services (NSS)-
The term used to describe software that is distributed with few restriction and whose source code is freely available.
Open Source Software
Any implementation of Unix for which the source code is either unavailable or available only by purchasing a licensed copy from The SCO Group.
Proprietary UNIX
A browser based tool that enables network administrators to perform server and object management.
Remote manager
a highly privileged user ID that has all rights to create, delete, modify, move, read, write, or execute files on a system.
An open source software package that provides complete Windows-style file- and printer sharing capabilities
The computer instructions written in a programming language that is readable by humans.
Source code
The proprietary version of Unix that comes from Bell Labs.
system v
A non profit industry association that owns the UNIX trademark.
The open group
the NetWare terminology, the object that represents the root of an eDirectory tree.
Tree object
A way of denoting an objects context in which the organization and organizational unit designators are included.
A way of denoting an objects context in which the organization and organizational unit designators are omitted.
The application in Mac OS X Server that enables a network administrator to manage users and groups.
Workgroup manager