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a small electronic device that issues a signal on a wire pair.
tone generator
a simple instrument that can measure many characteristics of an electric circuit, including its resistance and voltage
cannot be used to determine any characteristics about a cable, sucah as whether it has defects or whether its length exceeds IEEE standards for a type of network
tone generators and tone locators
the resistance that contirbutes to controlling the signal. also measured in OHMS
resistance is measure in
tools used to test whether your cable is carrying a signal to its destination
cable continuity tester
part of continuity tester that generates the voltage
base unit
part of continuity tester that detects the voltage
remote unit
used to find out whether a cable is simply carrying current. also does more tasks than a continuity tester
cable performance tester
A high end instrument for testing the qualities of a cable.
Time domain reflectometer-TDR
a software based tool that continually monitors network traffic from a server or workstation attached to the network
network monitor
software package or hardware based tool that can capture and analyze data on a network.
protocol analyzer
a tool that assesses the characteristics of wireless signals
spectrum analyzer