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Netware will not allow you to delete an object that contains leaf objects. If you want to delete an organizational unit, you must first delete all of the objects it contains.
Netware object deletion
A TCP/IP based tool from Novell that allows users to navigate directoreis and manage files on a NetWare 6.x server
Gives you only 254 usable IP addresses.
the network information portion of an IP address is limited to the first 24 bits in a
class c usable address
network information portion of an IP address is limited to the first 8 bits in a
Network Portion of Class A address
A 32 bit number that, when combined with a devices IP address, indicates what kind of subnet the device belongs to.
subnet mask
additional bits used for subnet information plus the existing network ID are known as the
extended network prefix
formula for modifying subnet mask
2n-2=y n is above the 2
An IP addressing and subnetting method in which network and host information is manipulated without adhering to the limitations imposed by traditional network class distinctions
CIDR-Classless Interdomain Routing
a subnet created by moving the subnet boundary to the left
Routers that rely on older routing protocols, such as ----, are not capable of interpreting classless IP addresses.
Routers using RIP
By using a router's network interfaces as -----, one router can supply multiple ------
Router using gateway
the protocol responsible for moving messages from one maiol server to another over TCP/IP based networks
SMTP-Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
an application layer protocol used to retrieve messages from a mail server.
POP-Post office Protocol
can limit the maximum number of router hops the traceroute command allows by typing the
-m switch
allows you to display the routing table on a given machine.
netstat -r
allows you to query the DNS database from any computer on the network and find the host name of a device by specifying its IP address, or vice versa
uses ICMP to trace the path from one networked node to another, identifying all intermediate hops between the two nodes.
a command line utility that provides information about a network adapter's IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.
performs the same TCP/IP configuration and management as the ipconfig utility, but applies to Windows 9x and Me operating systems.
is a process or program that provides support personell with a centralized means of documenting changes to the network.
change management system