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The proprietary version of UNIX that comes from Bell Labs.
System V
An implementation of UNIX for which the source code is either unavailable or available only by purchashing a licensed copy from The SCO group.
proprietary UNIX
A proprietary network operating system from Apple Computer that offers file, print, Web, DNS, and mail services. Was also the predecessor to Mac OS X Server.
AppleShare IP
represents an instance of a program running in memory
a file that contains instructions for performing a specific task such as reading data from and writing data to a hard drive.
UNIX kernel
A directory on a server associated with a particular user account where a user can store files.
Home directory
contains the kernel and other system initialization files.
/boot directory
The program that accepts the commands you type on the keyboard and runs the commands for you.
Command interpreter
A character that enables you to combine existing commands to form new commands. Symbol is vertical bar |
the version of Linux packaged and distributed by Red Hat, Inc.
Fedora Core
creates a new group ID and makes the group available for use.
groupadd command
Unix type of systems enable you to restrict access to resources by assigning user and group permissions to.
file and directories
Changes file and director permissions
A standard protocol for accessing network directories
LDAP-Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
The technique of splitting tasks among multiple processors to expedite the completion of any single instruction.
is responsible for overseeing all critical server processes. Manages multiprocessing, multithreading, and access to the servers interrupts, memory, and I/O address space.
NetWare Kernel
The graphical interface that provides access to the same console commands, plus object and directory management.
Console one
During installation, NetWare 6.5 creates a default pool, which, like the default volume, is also called
an object in the directory tree that does not contain other objects.
leaf object
is a relatively lengthy way of expressing context that includes identifiers for the organization and OUs.