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Because public key enctyption requres the use of two different keys, it is also known as------
asymmetric encryption
--------is a public key encryption system that can verify the authenticity of an e-mail sender and encrypt email data in transmission
An SSL-------allows the client and server to continue to exchange data securely as long as the client is still connected to the server.
-------protocol defines encryption, authentication, and key management for TCP/IP transmissions.
--------is a cross platform authentication protocol that uses key encrpytion to verify the identity of clients and to securely exchange information after a client logs onto a system
-------are added to data at the source and verified at the destination.
Transport layer protocols break large data units received from the Session layer into multiple smaller units, called----
-------is a method of identifying segments that belong to the same group of subdivided data
A specialized device, or a computer installed with specialized software, that selectively filters or blocks traffic between networks.
The first public, or asymmetric, key algorithm
Diffie Hellman
a kerberos client or user
Also called an application layer gateway.
Proxy server
consists of four 8-bit octets that can be expressed in either binary or dottet decimal notation.
ip address
Octets that represent host information are set to equal all 1's or in decimal notation 255
broadcast address
usually assigned an IP address that ends with an octet of .1.
internet gateway
a TCP/IP utility similar to nslookup
Separates a network into multiple logically defined segments, or subnets.
Identifies each element of a mail message according to content type.
Requires two network connections: one that connects to the internet and one that connects to the LAN
ICS host
the means by which the bus understands which device to acknoledge
IRQ number