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Routers use DHCP to determine which nodes belong to a certain multicast group and to transmit data to al nodes in that group.
The "0" bits in a subnet mask indicate that corresponding bits in an IP address contain network information.
In Raid Level 3 a parity bit is assigned to each data byte when it is transmitted or written to a disk.
The top or seventh layer of the OSI Model is the
Application Layer
Through-------layer protocols, software applications negotiate their formatting, procedural, security, synchronization, and other requirements with the network.
application layer
Protocols at the-------layer accept application layer data and format it so that one type of application and host can understand data from another type of application and host
presentation layer
protocols in the ------- layer cooridinate and maintain communications between two nodes on the network
session layer
A ------is a structured package for moving data that includes not only the raw data, or payload, but also the senders and recievers network addresses, and error checking
-------operates at the Transport layer of the OSI Model and provides reliable data
------provides information about how and where data should be delivered, including the datas source and destination addresses.
-------is a Network layer protocol that reports on the success or failure of data delivery.
------is a transmission method that allows one node to send data to a defined group of nodes
------is a network layer protocol that obtains the MAC address of a host, or node, and then creates a database that maps the MAC address to the host's IP address
------is an automated means of assigning a uniqe IP address to every device on a network.
------Is a terminal emulation protocol used to log on to remote hosts using the TCP/IP protocol suite.
-------is an application layer protocol used to send and receive files via TCP/IP
------is the process of assigning one network component to work with another.
In a PC,------stores settings pertaining to a computer's devices, among other things.
To determine the best path, routers communicare with each other through---------
routing protocols
------are combinations of networking hardware and software that connect two dissimilar kinds of networks.
a-------topology consists of a single cable connecting all nodes on a network without intervening connectivity devices.
in --------, a connection is established between two network nodes before they begin transmitting data.
circuit switching
in------,a 3 byte packet is transmitted from one node to another in a circular fashion around the ring.
token passing
Which of the following protocols enable a workstation to connect to another computer using a serial connection?
-------refers to a communications method in which nodes do not have to conform to any predetermined schemes that specify the timing of data transmissions.
To make sure a VPN can carry all types of data in a private manner over any kind of connection, special VPN protocols encapsulate higher layer protocols in a process known as
In LDAP compatible directories, a-----is the set of defintions of the kinds of objects and object related information that the database can contain.
A network administrator can load or unload NLMs through the servers------.
a -------- indicates where network information is located in an IP address
subnet mask
--------is the protocol responsible for moving messages from one mail server to another over TCP/IP based networks.
------Is an application layer protocol used to retrieve messages from a mail server.
On networks that run NetBIOS over TCP/IP, the--------utility can provide information about NetBIOS statistics and resolve NetBIOS names to their IP addresses
---------is a command line utility that provides information about a network adapters IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway.
A-------should never be used on a wire that is connected to a devices port of network adapter.
tone generator
When used on a copper based cable, a --------applies a small amount of voltage to each conductor at one end of the cable, and the checks whether that voltage is detectable a the other end.
continuity tester
A ---------issues a signal on a cable and then measures the way the signal bounces back to it.
time domain reflectometer
-------refers to the soundness of a networks programs, data, services, devices, and connections.
-------is a fault tolerance technique in which one device or component duplicates the activites of another.
------is a collection of disks that provide fault tolerance for shared data and applications.
the term--------refers to the mechanism used to verify the integrity of data by making the number of bits in a byte sum to either an odd or even number.