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What is Simplex?
single transmission - in only one direction
What is Half-Duplex?
transmission works both ways but one at a time
What is Full-Duplex?
transmission works both ways at same time
Modems default at what type of transmission?
Modems are connected to two computer through a what?
Phone Line
How many copies of an application would you put on a server when you paid for 7 licenses.
What is a direct connection from one piece of equipment to another?
Point to Point
What type of connection does a point to point normally have?
Protocols are a set of?
_____ is used to access remote devices for configuration, control and troubleshooting.
DSL and cable Modems are connected to a computer by?
USB or Network Cards
What type of switching is taking place with a modem?
What type of network would use a specific machine to provide services to all other computers on the network?
What does a computer use to assign an IP address to itself if a DHCP server is unavailable?
Which network device is primarily used to connect network segments?
type of cable would you use when configuring a router for the first time
keeps content when powered off
stores Cisco IOS images
Flash memory
can be upgraded with single in-line memory modules
Flash memory
provides connectivity over a small geographical area
provides connectivity over a large geographical area
layers of the OSI model WANs operate at
Physical and Data Link
characteristics of RAM
Stores routing tables,
Loses content when powered down, Holds fast switching cache, Stores running configuration file
characteristics of ROM
Retains content when powered down, Stores Bootstrap programme and basic operating system software, Software upgrades requires the replacement of pluggable chips on the motherboard
characteristics of flash memory
Can be upgraded with single in-line memory modules, Retains content when powered down, Holds the operating system image (IOS)
characteristics of interfaces
Connect router to network for frame entry and exit, Can be on the motherboard or on a separate module
management ports
Console and Aux
applies to the management connection on a cisco router
Asynchronous serial port
advantages of using a console port for router configuration
It is a non-network connection, It does not rely on network connectivity to function,
Where do Routers find the information to choose the best path for forwarding packets?
Routing tables
(Enhanced Small Disk Interface) was an interface developed by Maxtor to allow faster communication between the PC and the disk.
(Small Computer System Interface) was an early competitor with ESDI, originally named SASI for Shugart Associates.
(Advanced Technology Attachment, also known as Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics)
(Serial ATA)
Compact Disc Read-Only Memory Used for data storage and data transfer. A standard 120mm CD-ROM holds 650 or 700 Mb of data.
Digital Versatile Disc or Digital Video Disc is an optical disc storage media format that can be used for data storage, including movies with high quality video and sound. DVDs resemble compact discs as their physical dimensions are the same but they are encoded in a different format and at a much higher density allowing for a greater data capacity of about 4.7 GB
CD-RW recorder can rewrite 700 MB of data to a CD-RW disc roughly 1000 times.
CD-RW recorders can also write CD-R discs. Except for the ability to completely erase a disc, CD-RWs act very much like CD-Rs.
CD-RWs cannot be read in CD-ROM drives built prior to 1997.
CD-R is considered a better technology for archival purposes as disc contents cannot be modified.
Rewritable optical disc with equal storage capacity to a DVD-R, typically 4.7 GB.
Primary advantage of DVD-RW over DVD-R is the ability to erase and rewrite to a DVD-RW disc.
DVD-RW discs may be written to about 1,000 times before needing replacement, making them comparable with the CD-RW standard.
DVD-RW discs are commonly used for volatile data, such as backups or collections of files.
Tape drives
mainly for backup and long-term storage. Can be connected with SCSI (most common), parallel port, IDE, USB, FireWire or optical fibre. Tape drives can range in capacity from a few megabytes to upwards of 800 GB compressed.
External CD-RW and hard drive
May be used for backup, easy transfer of data to another PC, and are good choices for offsite backup data storage in case of fire et..
Thumb drive, flash and SD cards
small, lightweight, removable and rewritable data storage devices. Some recent USB flash drives act as two drives - as a removable disk device , and as a USB floppy drive. This is likely intended to make it easier to use them as a bootable device.
A motherboard
also known as a mainboard, logic board, or system board, and sometimes abbreviated as mobo, is the central or primary circuit board of the computer.
A typical computer is built with
the microprocessor, main memory, and other basic components on the motherboard.
Other components of the computer typically attached to the motherboard via ribbon cables, other cables, and power connectors.
external storage, control circuits for video display and sound, and peripheral devices
(Advanced Technology Extended) is a full size board measuring 12" wide by 9.6" deep (305 mm x 244 mm)
(for Balanced Technology Extended) was originally slated to be the replacement for the aging ATX motherboard, but it has not been widely accepted by the market as of early 2006.
is a small motherboard size of 9.6" x 9.6" (244 mm x 244 mm). Compared to full size ATX, microATX has reduced the amount of I/O slots but a smaller power supply can be used.
Power CPU's
Intel:Pentium series
AMD: Athlon XP
Budget CPU's
The two main desktop CPU manufacturers
Intel and AMD
The CPU's speed is measured in
MHz (megahertz) or more recently in GHz (gigahertz).
The higher the Clock Speed
the faster the computer works.
Today's computers are powered with
minimum of 1 GHz processing speed.
The most common type of processor
Intel Pentium 4 from Intel Corp
The Floppy drive is connected to the Motherboard (computer) via
a 34-pin ribbon cable,
40 pin connector
1.5 inches wide cable
50 pin connector
2 inches wide cable
Two popular kinds of viewing screens
cathode ray tubes and flat-panel displays.
Each dot is a
picture element or pixel
Distance between dots
is the dot pitch.
The more advanced the graphics the user will be using
the better resolution required
average monitor displays upto
256 colors at one time.
types of card controllers
video card
sound card
network card
The purpose of these cards is to
connect an external device to the computer and allow the interaction from a user to the computer and also the device to the computer.
The sound card acts as an________between the audio device and the computer.
A typical sound card contains
(DSP),(DAC),(ADC),(MIDI), jacks, and a game port
Digital Signal Processor that handles most computations.
Digital to Analog Converter for audio leaving the computer.
Analog-to-Digital Converter for audio coming into the computer
Musical Instrument Digital Interface for connecting to external music equipment (for many cards, the game port is also used to connect an external MIDI adapter).
for connecting speakers and microphones, as well as line in and line out.
Game port
for connecting a joystick or game-pad
Current sound cards usually plug into a
Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) slot
older or inexpensive cards use
the Industry Standard Architecture (ISA) bus
PCI and ISA are industry standards that
define the speed and the functionality of a device.
The card that converts electronic signal into the language understood by the user
A display card or a video card.
The display capabilities of a computer depend on both the
logical circuitry (provided in the video adapter) and the display monitor.
The two basic categories of video modes are
text and graphics
In text mode, a monitor can display only ______ characters
In graphics mode, a monitor can display
any bit-mapped image.
American Standard Code for Information Interchange
(ASCII) A standard character-coding scheme used by most computers to display letters, digits and special characters.
lower resolutions
more colors
adapters that have their own graphics coprocessor for performing graphics calculations.
graphics accelerators
Video adapters are also called
video cards, video boards, video display boards, graphics cards and graphics adapters.
Network Interface Card(NIC)
installed on a motherboard of a computer which enables communication with other computers, the interface between the network and computer's, and an expansion board you insert into a computer so the computer can be connected to a network.
The PCs are usually connected by
an advanced type of phone-cable or coaxial cable.
A NIC can be recognized by any of these connectors
a RJ45, BNC (common combo), 15-pin female DB, or 9-pin female DB.
Input devices translate the given instructions into ______, which are understood by the computer.
electrical signals (digital signals)
The oldest keyboard connector is a
special DIN-type connector popularly known as the AT-style was introduced by IBM and 'was' a standard connector for keyboards, now a new connector called ps/2 mini DIN became the standard.
The keyboard connector is
in blue
The mouse connector is
in green.
USB (Universal Serial Bus) connectors
The two small rectangular hollow boxes
Ethernet port
The small square type connector is that looks like a telephone connector.
9 pin blue male connector
blue 15 pin female connector
purple color female connector
game port
yellow color female connector
last three sockets
speakers, headphones and microphones.
used to configure computer peripherals such as Hard Drives, Modems, Sound Cards, and various other components.
DIP switch
an electric switch that is packaged in a group in a standard dual in-line package (DIP) (the whole package unit may also be referred to as a DIP switch in the singular). used in older ISA PC cards to select IRQs and memory addresses.
is a short length of conductor used to close a break in or bypass part of an electrical circuit.
jumper pins
an electrical connection is made between them, and the equipment is thus instructed to activate certain settings accordingly
Motherboard Structure
The motherboard mounts into the case, and all the other internal componen nce. Everything outside of your computer is protected from noise created by the components inside the box, and electrical interference as well.
Motherboard Status Display
The case contains lights that give the user information about what is going on inside the box (not a lot, but some). Some of these are built into the case and others are part of the devices that are mounted into the case.
Voltages supplied by a power supply
+/- 3.3, +/- 5 , +/-12
Preventive maintenance PM
refers to performing a series of maintenance tasks to prevent system problems. It is done as a precautionary measure to avoid any problem in future.
corrective maintenance
which includes measures to correct an existing problem.
Preventive maintenance provides the following benefits
Saves Money
Saves Time
Improves Performance
Safeguards Data
Most of the hardware-related problems arise because of
water\corrosive agents
irregular power supply.
The software-related problems arise because of
scattered data on the disk.
To guard your computer against hardware-related problems,
you can use various products such as liquid cleaning compounds
To guard your computer against software-related problems,
you can perform various procedures such as those with software utilities.
Liquid cleaning compounds include
soapy water and different forms of alcohol such as isopropyl and denatured alcohol
Preventive maintenance products are:
Liquid cleaning compounds
Vacuum cleaners
UPS and surge suppressors
New Technology NT is different because
Its security based
Win2000 aka
NT 5.0
The name serial communication comes from
the fact that each bit of information is transferred in series from one location to another.
Serial communications are of two types
Synchronous and Asynchronous
Synchronous communications
sending and receiving ends of the communication are synchronized using a clock that precisely times the period between bits. By checking the clock the receiving end can determine if a bit is missing or introduced in the stream.
Asynchronous communications
the bit stream is marked to help keep track of each bit. The start bit indicates the start of the data stream and the timing of each bit helps in finding the position of each bit. Here, timing is not important but the speed of the ports should be the same.
In a serial port
communication takes place through a single line\circuit. The data is transferred one bit at a time from sender to receiver. The serial port takes 8, 16, or 32 parallel bits from the computer bus and converts it to a bit serial stream.
Parallel ports
the easiest to use and work with as they are fast and mostly problem free.Sends its information in parallel signal wires.
Simple parallel ports
send their data at 115,200 bits per second and new enhanced parallel ports will go up to 100 times faster.
IEEE 1394
high-speed, serial i/o port for connecting computer peripherals and consumer electronics.
"Universal Serial Bus". high speed ports and are hot swappable designed with Plug and Play feature. 127 devices can be connected.
max bus speed is 480 Megabits per second.
IEEE 1394 has two types of ports
IEEE 1394A and IEEE 1394B.
IEEE 1394A is capable of transferring data at speeds of up to
400 megabits per second
IEEE 1394B is capable of transferring data at speeds of
800 megabits per second.
IEEE 1394
fastest external i/o bus available, can support up to 63 devices, and is optimal for bandwidth-hungry devices (such as digital video cameras and external storage devices.)
IEEE 1394 also has the added advantage of
delivering data both asynchronously and isochronously.
In__________mode data transfers can be interrupted but in __________ mode data is transferred without interruption.
asynchronous, isochronous
How many pins does a SIMM have?
30 or 72
How many pins does a DIMM have?
Parity is:
an extra bit stored with data in RAM that is used to check for errors when the data is read back
What are the four key functions of a computer system?
input, processing, output, and storage
What kind of connectors are used to connect a PC power supply to a hard drive?
Which are the standard types of floppy disk drives?
3.5" and 5.25"
How much data will a high density (HD) floppy disk hold?
Which of the following conditions most increases the likelihood that ESD will occur?
cool, dry conditions
What are the 3 ways you can flash the BIOS?
From a DOS boot disk, software running in the Operating System , and Replace the BIOS chip
What is an AGP slot used for?
When using DMA Mode [Single Word (16-bit)] 2 what is the transfer rate?
What slots/sockets were offered to the Celeron processor?
Socket 478, Socket 370, Slot 1
Can high speed USB 2.0 and low speed USB 1.1 devices coexist on the same USB 2 hub?
You are shown a cable with a connector that is female and only has nine holes in 2 rows. What port does this connector plug into?
The only port on the back of a PC that is male is a
serial port (not counting the power connector).
What color is an ISA slot?
What color are the following expansion slots: ISA Expansion Slot, PCI Expansion Slot, AGP Expansion Slot
Black, White, Brown
What device will protect your computer from brown outs?
An uninterruptible power supply
A surge suppressor’s breakers are only guaranteed for__protection. Once that has happened, the metal-oxide varistor is _____________ and should be _________ before using again.
one, no longer reliable, replaced
What is the most common type of Motherboard today?
How much drive space is lost when you are using RAID 5?
1 disk (With RAID 5 you have to have one drives worth of parity information. )
How many devices can you connect to one USB port?
What is the usual ID for a SCSI controller?
Match up the case configurations as shown below. Full Tower, Mid Tower, Mini Tower, Midi Tower, Desktop, Slimline, Propietary
at least 5 5-1/4 Drive Bays Used for Servers commonly, 3 5-1/4 Drive Bays Most Popular Case, 1 or 2 5-1/4 Drive Bays Low End Systems, Sized between a Mini Tower and a mid tower,lies horizontally, 1 5-1/4 Drive Bay not much ventilation, not a standard case
True or false? The only difference between 40 conductor and 80 conductor IDE cables is the number of ground wires?
True With an 80 conductor cable, every other wire is a ground. This is to minimize the amount of cross talk between the data conductors.
What is the connector that is on the device end of a parallel cable?
Centronics 36
What does a parity check do?
It finds errors
You are asked to run a network cable through the ceiling of a hall in a school to get the network to connect to a classroom that is not in the computer lab. The classroom is 103 feet away. What kind of cable would you use?
The maximum distance of Cat 5 is 100 meters, which is far greater than 103 feet. It is also cheaper.
You are called in to service a laser printer. The printer is producing pages of blank paper, but the toner indicator on the side of the toner cartridge points that the cartridge is half full. What is the problem?
The toner has dried out
How many devices can you attach to one IDE connector?
What was the first slot that supported full Plug and Play?
You have a new computer with an integrated sound card. The integrated sound is not up to your liking, so you go out and buy a new and better sound card and install it into a PCI slot. But you do not want that old integrated sound card to keep taking up resources. How can you keep it from taking up resources?
Disable it in the BIOS
What is the highest IRQ you can use for an ISA card?
What color is an ISA slot?
You are flashing the BIOS in your new system and right in the middle of it, the lights go out. When you try to reboot nothing happens. How can you fix this?
Order a new BIOS chip from the motherboard manufacturer
What is the Bus speed for a 16-bit ISA BUS?
How many Bytes are in one Gigabyte?
What are the advantages of SATA over ATA? (Select 3)
Ease of configuration Speed Case cooling
True or false? If you do not feel a static zap then you have not damaged any components.
A customer calls and complains that when his system first starts powering up, it starts to count the amount of RAM, but half way through it stops and will not start again without powering off. What component has probably gone bad?
Out of all the types of SCSI, which can you attach up to 16 devices (including the controller SCSI card)? (Select 3)
Wide Ultra2 SCSI, Ultra3 SCSI, Fast Wide SCSI
Can the firmware be upgraded?
Match the following Video Display Adapters with the shown resolutions Monochrome Display Adapter (MDA), Hercules Graphics Card,Color Graphics Card (CGA),Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA),Video Graphics Array,SuperVGA (SVGA),Extended Graphics Array (XGA)
720x350 Text Only, 720x350 Text & Graphics, 640x200 2 colors,320x200 4 colors, 320x200 256 colors,640x480 65536 colors, 800x600 65536 colors
What is the most ideal configuration for a hard drive that you are planning on booting to?
Set the SCSI ID to 0
When a computer is set to boot from SCSI, the devices are
tried in order from lowest to highest
What is the minimum number of disks you need in order to have RAID 5?
What are the 3 colors that make up all other colors on a LCD monitor? (Select 3)
Green Blue Red
Match up the Serial cable with its use Standard Serial Cable, Null Modem Serial Cable
Hook various peripherals together, Connects 2 Computers with no modem
What was the advantage of EDO DRAM?
Speed, Extended Data Out (EDO) DRAM spent less time refreshing.
What slots/sockets were offered to the Celeron processor? (Select 3)
Slot 1 Socket 370 Socket 478
How many colors can be displayed with SVGA?
16 million colors
What is the throughput of a 32 bit PCI slot?
127.2 MB/sec
What was special about the Pentium MMX chip compared to the Pentium 1 chip?
Different sockets, More cache memory, Multimedia instructions
Match the right connector to the right network type. BNC, AUI/DIX, RJ 45
10Base2, 10Base5, 10BaseT
What is an AGP slot used for?
Why do we use RAM instead of just storing all the information on the hard drive?
RAM is faster
Why do we use RAM instead of just storing all the information on the hard drive?
RAM is faster
True or false? You can cascade up to 15 USB 2.0 hubs?
False You can only cascade up to 4 hubs according to standard. But you will start to have problems when you get any more then 2 hubs.
If you receive a 164 POST error on your screen, what is wrong?
System board and processor card configuration mismatch
True or False? All USB devices can be used with any type of USB hub.
False Devices like cameras and scanners need to be directly connected to the computer and not through a hub. The problem is that the hub can not provide enough power for high-power devices. Many cameras and scanners instead need to be powered off the USB cable.
Drag and drop the slot that matches with the descripISA, MCA, PCI, VESA
64-bit, PCI
Bus width: 16 bit, Throughput: 40MB/sec
Bus Mastering, Burst Mode, PnP
Can also accept ISA cards,
66 MHz
What protocol suite does the internet use?
What is the new standard for motherboards?
How many pins does a SODIMM have? (Select 3)
200, 144, 72
Windows 2000 was released _________ Windows 95B, so it incorporated FAT 32.
The New Technology File System (NTFS) became the defacto standard for NT with Version 4. As the superior choice over the older ______ system, it is still found in W2K (sometimes called NT5), and had been improved upon.
CD-ROMs use CDFS (__________________________) and it must be supported since the only distribution of NT/W2K files is done by CD.
Compact Disk File System
HPFS is the older OS/2 based file system and installation support for it was dropped with __
NFS is _________ based
You are given a storage device by a client and asked to retrieve that data from it. You are using Windows 2000.
What type of connector is used with a modem to connect to the telephone line
What is the minimum number of hard disk drives you need to implement RAID 5?
What kind of multitasking does Windows 9x do
Preemptive Multitasking
What file will begin the boot process of Windows 98SE
Regarding system recovery, using ERD for system repair operation requires the use of the Windows XP/2000 CD when
it is required to replace the damaged files
In WindowsXP, hibernation saves the contents of memory to:
your hard disk.
In win 9x some hardware devices and programs require that drivers or files be loaded in real-mode in order for them to work properly. What file loads these drivers?
What is a static IP address?
A permanently assigned address
If your computer is running Windows 95 but you want to change its current settings, start Setup from ________. With this method, Setup displays dialog boxes that let you change or choose the following settings: ___________,________________,_______,______
MS-DOS; Installation directory, Components you want to install, User name and company
To create start up disks for win 2000, you need how many blank, formatted, 1.44-MB floppy disks?
The system you are working on continues to hang just after Windows logo appears. You suspect that the application in the start up folder is causing the problem.
Which key can you hold down after seeing the Windows logo to stop the application in the start up folder from executing?
A customer use a Windows 98 machine with a 20BG hard drive formatted with FAT32 and tries to install an old DOS program but gets an error message that there is not enough space on the hard drive. According to the drive properties more than 12GB free space is remaining on the drive. What is wrong?
The DOS program does not recognize a FAT32 partition
If you enable large disk support, any drives created will be _______. You will have to use a boot disk created from the OS you used to partition the drive, as win 95/NT cannot read _______ partitions (win 95 ORS 2 does support _________
Max allowed cable length for single ended SCSI system is
You are installing an EIDE hard drive that will be your boot drive. Which is the correct order of steps that need to be followed?
Jumper properly, auto-detect (or configure manually) in CMOS, partition, high level format with /s switch.
ISDN uses _______ technology
only digital
How would one determine the manufacturer's description of the modem?
The AT I3 command fetches the product information of the modem.
You install an Ethernet card that is not plug and play and the system is unable to communicate with the card due to resource clash. What two things would you reset using jumpers on the card to ensure the card is functional?
IRQ and Memory address, Jumpers can configure the IRQ and the Memory address of a NIC. The MAC address is a pre-configured factory setting that cannot be modified. Rest of the configuration will have to be taken care during NIC driver installation, through the OS itself.
request to send signal
Differential SCSI cable can be up to
25 meters
Single-ended SCSI can be up to
6 meters
By reducing the size of the picture you are reducing
the upload and download time involved.
all contribute to slow connections.
A resource conflict, use of wrong or generic drivers with specific modems as well as noise level on the telephone line
In lay terminology, baud and bps are used synonymously, though that is not technically correct.
'bps' stands for bits per second. Baud is the number of discrete signals per second. One discrete signal can encode more than one bit. Therefore, a 9600 bps modem actually operates at 2400 baud.
A loopback plug can be used to test the
serial port
An external modem can be attached to a
serial or USB system port
most likely consequence of a sudden power outage,power surge
lost data,hardware is likely to go bad
In modem terminology, CD stands for:
carrier detect
ISDN stands for:
integrated services digital network
Differential SCSI cable can be up to __________ whereas Single-ended SCSI can be up to _________.
25 meters, 6 meters
TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is a suite protocols developed by the Department of Defense. It is a universal standard suite of protocols that helps with connecting to the ___________ as well as interconnectivity of ______ and _________ .
Internet, LANs, WANs
What does TCP/IP support?
Ethernet, Token Ring, Modem Dial-up
Which type of interface provides for the fastest data transfer
The fastest of the SCSI interfaces can transfer up to even _______ of data. The lowest is _______.
400Mbps, 5Mbps
SCSI drives like any other devices require an interface as well as a _______.
What is the function of the maintenance bay of an inkjet printer?
It cleans the print head nozzles and seals the print head.
When a peripheral device is installed, the ____________, ___________, and ___________ must support the plug-and-play concept for it to work.
peripheral device, operating system, the system BIOS
Molex connectors are used for
power connection
The normal size for a hard drive sector is _____.
512 Bytes
interferes with magnetic media and not optical media.
can cause a CD to be misread.
Smudges, finger prints, scratches, cracks, slight melting
You want to wirelessly share a broadband internet connection in your home. You subscribe to a service, purchase a cable modem and put wireless adapters into all the machines in your house. What do you still need?
An access point
You've just completed a SCSI hard disk installation. The system doesn't recognize the hard drive, although the hard drive appears to spin up. What could be the problem?
Eighty percent of all SCSI-related failures are because of improper termination or conflicting SCSI IDs. The question indicates the drive spins up, signifying power is available to the drive.
ISDN uses only _______ technology
What is the maximum number of devices supported ona single IDE controller?
There is usually one controller, two channels with a possible two devices on each. Therefore: 1 controller X 2 channels X 2 devices = 4 devices
Why use several fans on devices inside case?
Better circulation and Lowers the temperature inside the case
What connectors are used on SCSI cables?
Your computer has a SCSI hard drive. You want to add another internal SCSI hard drive, to increase the storage capacity of your computer. Where should you connect the second SCSI hard drive?
When you have two internal SCSI hard drives, the second SCSI hard drive can be connected to any open SCSI port on the computer.
The file load order to start DOS/Win 95 is:
IO.SYS (required)
MSDOS.SYS (required)
CONFIG.SYS (optional)
COMMAND.COM (required)
AUTOEXEC.BAT (optional)
Windows NT 4 requires how many floppies for the creation of boot disks?
You want to make a backup of all the files on a Windows 2000 Professional computer but you do not want the files marked as backed up. Which backup type should you use?
Daily, Differential, Copy(ignores the archive attribute)
can be used to set permission on registry keys on Win NT/2000.
10Base5 cable is:
10 for 10Mbps bandwidth
Base for Baseband media
5 for 500m maximum distance
The Windows 95/98 system files include the following:
Fiber optic transmission
uses optical media for data, transmission,
most secure,
least susceptible to EMI,
very expensive solution,
should be considered only in scenarios that need high reliability and security in data transfer
Which command prompt utility allows you to display the versions of the current OS running?