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How are Peer to Peer networks used?
In small projects, like small office or home network environments.
In small projects, like small office or home environments, this type of network is used.
Peer to Peer networks.
What do Servers provide in a Client Server Networks?
They provide centralized administration, data storage, and security.
What is the Client role in a Client Server Network?
The client system requests data from the server and displays it to the user.
Define "Bus Network Topology"
A linear bus network, where all the computers are linked together by a single cable called a trunk or backbone.
On a Bus network, what might cause a disruption in communications?
A terminator might be loose.
On a Bus network, what might cause the entire network segment to fail?
Any other break in the cable other than a loose terminator.
In this configuration, all devices connect to a single device.
Star configuration
In a a physical ring topology, how do the computers connect?
In a complete ring, through a single network device.
What network topology forms a complete ring and has all machines connecting through a single network device.
A physical ring topology.
In a ring network, what can disrupt the entire network?
Any break in the ring can distrupt the entire network.
What are the requirements in a mesh network topology?
Every computer must be connected to every other computer individually.
What is the formula for determining the number of connections required for a mesh network?
Every computer must be connected to every other computer individually in this type of network.
A mesh network.
A WAP is used in what kind of is used in what kind of network infrastructure?
A wireless infrastructure.
Ad hoc wireless networks are what kind of network?
Peer to peer.
What does CSMA/CD stand for?
Carrier sense multiple access / collision detection
Where is the CSMA/CD protocol used?
In 802.3, or ethernet
What is the 802.3 protocol?
What is the 802.5 protocol?
Token Ring
What is identification number for a token ring?
Where can EMI come from?
Fluorescent lights or CRT monitors.
Fluorescent lights can cause what kind of interference?
What is the identification number for a wireless network?
What kind of media is prone to EMI?
Copper cabling
When can crosstalk occur?
When two cables or wires within a cable are close enough and interfere with each other.
What is attenuation?
Signals weaken as they travel over long distances.
What is it called when signals weaken as they travel over long distances?
What is the different between full and half duplex?
Half duplex can only send OR receive at any given time. Full duplex can do both simultaneously.
What speed can a full duplex connection run at on a 100Mbps network?
200 Mbps