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When you receive a "Page cannot be displayed" or "The Website cannot be found" error, what is the cause?
When you receive these errors, there is an issue with resolving the name of the Internet destination.
Connectivity between the user and server has been lost-Troubleshooting:

*Ping the website from the user's location, to resolve an IP Address via DNS.
*Access the site from another computer/location.
*Attempt to use the IP Address to connect-this removes DNS from the equation.
*Try to open the site using another browser (Netscape, Mozilla,IE, etc) to see if the users browser settings are the cause.
*Flush and re-register the DNS from the command line.
A)IPCONFIG /flushdns
B)IPCONFIG /registerdns

If the local (Browser)settings are incorrect:
*IE settiings must include the proper proxy and exceptions settings. Also, some sites use a HOSTS file for client DNS resolution (for NAT Addresses).
*For Intranet sites, a HOSTS file may be in use. Pinging the site should resolve the IP listed in this file, not by Internet DNS. If this is the case, reopen and save the HOSTS file and try again.
*If "Proxy" and "Proxy2" are entered into the user's IE settings, try using the customer's site proxy IP Address. Ping
*Additionally, run 'ipconfig /flushdns' and 'ipconfig /registerdns' from the user's command line to remove any cached DNS entries.
When you receive a "You Are Not Authorized To View This Page" error, what is the cause?
When you receive this error, you are trying to connect to a Web server that is refusing the incoming connection.

*Invalid Proxy exceptions may be in place.
*The HOSTS file entries may be incorrect or absent-find a known good HOSTS file and replace the old one with it.
*Ping the site to resolve the address listed in the HOSTS file, if not, open and resave the document to fix the issue.
*The customer may not have installed the correct digital certificates-If the user is not prompted to install a certificate check the "Trusted Sites" in IE
*The customer's NMCI IP address is being allowed a connection by the Web server in question.
*The user requires authentication and does not have the proper permissions.
Check the Hardware
Make sure the network cable (usually CAT5) is connected securely at both the wall socket/router/swith and at the back of the computer.
What does the HOSTS file do?
The HOSTS file is responsible for name resolution. This LOCAL MACHINE file is referenced first before it contacts its pre-configured DNS server. This allows users and administrators to configure host names to IP address mappings without having to create an entry on a DNS server.
Can a user's Legacy Web Servers be added to the HOSTS file, without a need to create HOSTS and ALIAS records for these sites on a DNS server?
Yes, and this is a faster solution than DNS name resolution.
Which of the following states indicates a working/normal NIC card?
A)A solid,continuous light.
B)A blinking light.
C)A darkened light.
A BLINKING light (B) indicates a properly functioning NIC card.
When you access IPCONFIG, what addresses show a problem with network/internet connectivity? is an invalid IP Address, denoting network adapter issues.
169.254.x.x is the Address assigned to a DHCP-enabled network adapter, when the adapter cannot reach A DHCP server.
Also, is the address for the local computer (localhost).
What does the PING command do?
PING lets you verify that a particular IP address exists and can accept requests. If the user cant ping a host, then the user wont be able to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to access that site. Ping also allows you to see how long it takes to get a response back from a host and see the number form of that IP host.
What is TRACERT?
TRACERT is a utility that records the route through the Internet between your computer and a specified destination computer. It also calculates and displays the amount of time each hop took. PING is often used prior to TRACERT to determine whether a host is present on the network.
What is NETSTAT?
NETSTAT is an old part of the TCP/IP suite of tools. It is used to display information about current network connections. Information on the routing table, TCP connections, TCP and UDP "listens" and protocol memory management can be obtained with this program.
NSLOOKUP is the name of a program that lets an Internet server administrator or any computer user enter a host name and find out the corresponding IP address. It will also do reverse name lookup and find the host name for an IP address you specify.
If a user still does not have Internet connectivity, should you delete the user's cookies and temp files?
Yes, this along with a good tune up in general should really speed up a user's internet access and basic productivity as well.