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What's layer 1 in the OSI Model?
What is OSI Layer 2
Data Link
What is OSI Layer 3
What is OSI Layer 4
What is OSI Layer 5
What is OSI Layer 6
What is OSI Layer 7
What Layer # is the Transport Layer?
What Layer # is the Data Link?
What Layer # is the Presentation?
This Layer is responsible for error checking, service addressing & segmentation?
Transport Layer 4
This layer converts data to or from application layer to another format (i.e graphic, text, sound video)?
Presentation Layer 6
This Layer identifies the physical characteristics of the network including hardware & topology?
Physical Layer 1
This Layer handles routing?
Network Layer 3
This layer handles establishing, maintaining, and breaking connections between 2 devices?
Session Layer 5
This Layer take requests and data & passes them to the lower layers (i.e. File & Print)?
Application Layer 7
This layer's responsible for getting data to physical layer for network transmission. It has 2 sub-layers.
Data-Link Layer 2
This Layer Manages flow-control through buffering or windowing?
Transport Layer 4
This layer 2 sub-layer controls media access & is where NIC address is defined
Data-Link MAC Sub-layer
This layer 2 sub-layer is responsible for the error and flow-control mechanisms. Defined in 802.2 standard
Data Link Logical Link Control (LLC)
What network layer does the hub function at?
Physical (Layer 1)
What network layer does the switch function at?
Data Link (Layer 2)
What Layer does the bridge function at?
Data Link (Layer 2)
What Layer does the router function at?
Network(Layer 3)
What Layer does the NIC function at?
Data Link (Layer 2)
Is TCP connection oriented or connectionless?
Connection Oriented
IS UDP connection oriented or connectionless?
Is IPX connection oriented or connectionless?
Is SPX connection oriented or connectionless
connection oriented
Is Internet Protocol (IP) connection oriented or connectionless?
What Layer does TCP function at?
Transport (Layer 4)
Is TCP connection Oriented or Connectionless
What Layer is IP Protocol
Network Layer
What does TCP do?
provides flow control, sequencing, and error detection and correction (reliability)
What 2 things does IP do?
1)transporting data between network devices; 2)addressing
What layer is UDP? What does it do?
Layer 4 (Transport); same as TCP but connectionless.
FTP runs at what layer? What protocol does it use for reliability
Layer 7 (Application); TCP
What FTP command is used to change the working directory on the local host?
What ftp commands uploads & downloads multiple files to the remote host.
Which OSI layers handle movement of data between apps?
application, presentation, session.
which OSI layers provide for the movement of data between network segments
transport, network
which OSI layers provide the physical and logical topology & enable data movement across a single segment
Data-Link, Physical