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What two methods are functionally equivalent and can be used to explcitly close a connection to a database?
1. DbConnection.Close
2. DbConnection.Dispose
What is the base class for all database connection objects?
What method is used to start a database transaction?
When a connection is explicitly enlisted in a transaction, when can it be unenlisted or enlisted in a new transaction?
When the first transaction is finished.
What method returns a DataTable that contains information about all installed providers that implement DbProviderFactory?
How are connections seperated into pools when pooling connections?
Per process, per App Domain, per Connection String, and per Windows Identity when Integrated Security is used.
When is a new pool created when pooling connections?
When an exact match for a connection string is not found.
What connection string setting closes a pool after a period of inactivity?
MinPoolSize = 0 or is not specified in con. string
What connection string setting keeps a pool alive until the App Domain is unloaded and the process ends?
MinPoolSize > 0
How many connection objects are created when a pool is created?
Enough to satisfy the setting of MinPoolSize
What happens when a pooled connection is closed or disposed?
It is released back into the connection pool.
What methods can be used to clear SQL Server connection pools?
1. SqlConnection.ClearAllPools
2. SqlConnection.ClearPool