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What is the are the transmission speeds of the 802.3 Standard
10, 100, 1000Mbps
What is the access method of the 802.3 Sandard
What is the Topology of the 802.3 standard
Logical Bus
What Cable types are used in the 802.3 Standard
UTP, STP, or Fiber
What is 802.5 standard more commonly referred to as
Token Ring
What are the common Speeds of 802.5
4 or 16Mbps
What is the topology of the 802.5 standard
Physical Star, Logical Ring
What is the common cable type fir the 802.5 standard
What is the 802.11 Standard Commonly referred to as?
What is the speed of the 802.11 standard
1, 11, or 54 Mbps
What is the Access Method of the 802.11 Standard
What is the topology of an 802.11 network
What is the Cable type for an 802.11 network
What is the speed of FDDI
100 MBps
What is the access method for FDDI
Token Passing