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Which ions are where at the resting pont of a neuron?
sodium on the outside and potassium on the inside
What part of the nueron carries the impuse toward the cell body?
What is the charge of a nueron at resting state and repolorization phase?
What is it called when there is a rapid reversal of charges?
action potential
What is the role of acetycholine?
Once released, the chemicals will diffuse across synapse and trigger action potential (inrush of Na+)
Define summation
the sum effect of all nuerotransmitters acting on a nueron.
What are the 5 components of the reflex arc?
receptor, sensory nueron, internueron or spinal cord, motor nueron, effector
Define neurilemma
helps regenerate a damaged nueron
what are the two types of nervous systems?
Central Nervous System
Peripheral Nervous System
What are the 2 types of autonomic nerves in the PNS?