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A motor neuron will stimulate an effector if....
Sufficient excitatory impulses are recieved from association neurons.
Why is myelin important?
Because it forms a covering on axons that increases the speed of impulse conduction.
What are neurons?
Cells that conduct nerve impulses
What are regularly occuring gaps between sections of the myelin sheath and along the axon?
Nodes of Ranvier
Stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system would cause?
Increase in heart rate and a rise in blood adrenallin level.
What does PNS and CNS stand for?
Peripheral Nervous System and Central Nervous System
Begin with sense organ or receptor and carry impulses to CNS?
Sensory neurons
For neural circuits every pathway must have these three things
Reception, transmission, and processing
What is the All or None theory?
The neuron either responds fully or not at all.
Space below a neurons axon and target.