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What is the function of the Nodes Of Ranvier?
To make the nerve transmission faster.
What is Depolarization?
The brief period when sodium ions flood into the neuron by diffusion and 'charge attraction' which quickly reverses the net charge to positive inside the neuron to negative outside.
What is Repolarization?
When the flow of potassium ions along with the sodium and potassium pumps using some ATP restore the original polarity of the neuron.
How long does it take a neuron to repolarize?
0.001 seconds.
The more intense/strong the stimulus, the greater the ________ of the response or impulse.
What is summation?
The effect that occurs with the accumulation of transmitter chemicals from two or more neurons.
What are the three types of neurons?
Motor neurons, interneurons, sensory neurons.
What enzyme follows acetylcholine?
What is the function of dendrites?
Transmission receptors.
What is the charge of a neuron during the process of depolarization?