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The Resting Membrane usually has a charge of -70, and then through exitement the inside becomes +40, this process is called?
Action Potential
what is the membrane, or cell that is said to be charged?
What is said to be Summation?
Summation is thesum effect of all neurotransmitters acting on a neuron.
What bis a Synapse?
A Synapse is a space between a neuron's axon and it's target.
What is Reception?
Reception is when the Dendrites are being stimulated by an environmental factor and a starting impulse.
The passage of the electrochemical impulses from the dendrites to the end plate along the axon is?
what is the resting state?
The resting state is set up by a sodium and potassium pump. Causes high nconcentrationof NA+ and K+ inside, but gates are closed.
What is repolarization?
After the action potential moves through, the axon must restore the ion balance.
What is the all or none theory?
The neuron either responds fully, or not at all.
What is self - propagating?
Once started and impulse or reaction potential will move down the entire axon untik the end plate.