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As part of the peripheral nervous system, what does the somatic nerves control?
The somatic nerves control the skeletal muscle bones and skin.
Neurons can be classified into three different types. What are they?
Sensory neurons, motor neurons, and interneurons.
Explain the process of reception.
Reception refers to dendrites being stimulated by an environment factor and starting an impulse.
A single neuron or muscle fiber has a minimum strength of stimulation called . . . ?
Threshold level
PNS has two autonomic branches. What are they?
Parasympathetic and Sympathetic
"________" is the minimum stimulation to create an action potential.
Threshold potential
What part of the neuron is an extension of cytoplasm that carries nerve impulses away from the dendrites?
The axon.
What is the refractory period?
A neuron that conducts an impulse and goes through repolarization.
What two early technologies were discovered to record and measure electrical activity in the heart?
ECG or electrocardiogram
EEG or electoencephalograph
What is the charge of an unstimulated neuron?
-70 mV