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What is the substance that breaks down the acetylcholine?
True or False
Summation is the sum effect of all ions acting on a neuron.
Summation is the sum effect of all neurotransmitters acting on a neuron.
Resting state usually has a net charge of what?
70 mv
The Reflex arc contains 5 main components. What are they?
1.receptor 2.sensory neuron
3.interneuron in spinal cord
4.motor neuron 5.the effector
(muscle or gland)
The axon plays what important role?
carries impulse to other neurons or to effectors; always travels away from cell body.
In the neural circuits, all pathways must include what?
dopamine does what for you
a) a chemical that makes postsynaptic membranes more permiable to Na+.
b)an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine.
c)a neurotransmitter, found in the brain that regulates movement, balance, and walking.
Why is it important to have a fair amount of serotonin in your body?
It helps maintain a good mood when released.
Depolarization is when the neuron is stimuloated enough to cause _____ ions gates to open. This causes a rush of _____ ions.
sodium, sodium
What is acetylcholine?
acetylcholine is a transmitter chemical released from vesicles in the end plates of neurons. acetylcholine makes the postsynaptic membranes more permiable to sodium ions.