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The nervous system is composed of what?
neurons and neuroglia
What is at the end of peripheral nerves and gather information and converts it into nerve impulses
sensory receptors
sensory impulses are intergrated into the brain as
what is the intergrative function of the nervous system?
conscious or subconscious decisions follow leading to motor functions via the what
The central nervous system is made up of the?
brain and spinal cord
The peripheral nervous system is made up of the ?
Receptors and the peripheral nerves that connect the cns to the rest of the body
a nerron has a?
Cell body
a bundle of nerve fibers are called
nerv fibers include a solitary out going axon and numerous what?
Dendrites do what?
Bring in the impulses from the receptors(recieves messages)
What are the three types of neurons? (classified by structure
Multipolar,Bipolar, unipolar
how do the three differ?
By the number of dendrites
What are afferent neurons that conduct impulses from the peripheral receptors to the CNS
sensory neurons
Sensory neurons are usually what type of neuron?
What are the neurons that are multipolar that lie within the CNS and form links between other neurons?
What neurons are multipolar and conduct impulses from the CNS to the effectors?
Motor neurons also called efferent neurons
The junction between two communicating neurons is called the
what is between two communicating neurons that the synapse has to go through?
synaptic cleft
What is the largest most complex portion of the nervous system and contains 100 billion multipolar neurons?
The brain
The divisions of the brain are?
Cerebrum, cerebellum, diecephalon, and brainstem
What is the largest portion of the brain?
THe cerebrum
The cerebrum is divided into how many hemispheres?
A deep ridge of nerve fibers is called?
The corpus callosum
The corpus callosum connects what?
The two hemispheres of the cerebrum
The surface of the brain is marked by what?
Ridges called convolutions
Covolutions are seperated by what?
Grooves Deep ones called fissure and shallow ones called sulcus
The Diencephalon contains what two things?
The Thalamus and the hypothelamus
What does the Thalamus do?
sorts and directs sensory information performs the service of both messenger and editor
What does the Hypothelamus do?
maintains homeostasis by regulating a wide variety of visceral activity. links the endocrine system with the nervous system
the brainstem consist of what
Pons, midbrain and the medulla oblongata
The brainstem lies at the base of the what?
The brainstem connects the brain to the what?
spinal cord
What are the functions of the midbrain?
convey impulses to and from the cerebrum
What are the functions of the pons?
regulates breathing and blood pressure
What are the functions of the Nedulla oblongata?
To transmit asending and desending impulses
What are the functions of the cerebellum?
is a reflex center for integrating sensory information concerning the position of body parts(balance muscle movement and posture
The autonomic Nerous system does what?
Helps to maintain homeostatis with or without concious help
Neurons are what?
Masses of nerve cells and they are the structual and functional units of the nervous system
Neuroglial cells provide what for a neuron?
Physical support, insulation and nuetrients
What fills spaces provides stuctural framework, produces the lipoprotein myelin and carrys on phagocytosis?
THe neuroglia
Microglial cells are located where?
Microglial cells do what?
Support neurons and phagocytize bacteria cells and cellular debri
What does the Oligodendrocytes do?
they provide insulating layers of myelin which is called a myelin sheath around the axon CNS
What do the Astrocytes do?
Found between neurons and blood vessels and they provide sturctural support and form scar tissue CNS
What is a Ependymal cell and what does it do?
forms inner linings that enclose spaces within the brain and the spinal cord CNS
A neuron includes 3 common features what are they?
a cell body, dendrites and an axon
Nerves can be what kinds?
Sensory motor or mixed
what forms a myelin sheath around an axon in the pns
Schwann cells