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What does the nervous system do?
It communicates and control the body
What are the funtions of the nervous system?
1. monitors various activities within the body and regulates
2. forms an intergrated communcation system within the body
3. gathers, stores, and recalls info.; dispenses a proper response
central nervous system
C.N.S. is made of?
spinal cord and brain
Spinal cord is?
about 17-18" long
communicates with the brain
exits skull through the foramen magnum
not as long as vertebral column and house in verterbal canal
any damage to SC creates loss of sensory and motor function
Meninges are?
3 membranes that cover and protect the SC
What are the three meninges?
Dura Mater
Pia Mater
What is the Dura Mater?
though and outer membrane that lines the veterbral canal
What is the arachnoid?
thin tranparent web-like membrane contains an area called the sub-arachnoid space filled with CSF
What is the Pia Mater?
thin delicate inner membrane that adheres to the brain and SC contrain blood vessel
anterior and posterior
four progections of greay matter in the spinal cord
White matter?
surrounds the horns of grey matter and gives spinal cord oval shape,for ascending and descending tracts
Grey Matter?
no mylenated sheath on neurons
What is the brain?
highly organized system made upof over 100 billion nerve cells, 3lbs and cranial cavity, covered by meninges (cranial), complex connection of itnerconnected neurons, center of membor, muscle control
what are ventricles?
cavities in the cerebrum filled with CSF
Limbic system
border between the cerebrum
the interbrain connected to lower parts
link between concious through intelligence
ass. with emotions and behavioural drives
3 types of mylenated fibers?
associative fiber-make conn. between neurons in same hemisphere
projection fibers-aslo conn in same hemispherer
larges part of the brain that occupies most of the cranial cavity withover 15 billion neurons;
divided into L and R hemisphere
divided into 6 lobes
The cerebrum has____ hemispheres?
The cerebrum has how many lobes and name them?
L and R paritel lobes
temporal lobes
Convolutions (sulci)
shallow groves
ride between grooves
cerbral cortex
outer layer of grey matter on the brain
olfactory bulb
swollen protrusion in the inferior part of the brains cerebral cortex-related to smell
subarahnoid space
filled with CSF used for cushion
gray matter
non-mylenated neurons, carries impulses, travel horizontally
white matter
mylenated neurons, carries impules, travel vertically
central canal
hollow tube runs down whole length of spinal cord; filled with CSF
Spinal nerve
31 pairs of SN
Bundles of nerve cell bodies
Median fissure
groove that runs down fron at spinal cord