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what are the AE of caffeine?
at high doses (10g) it can cause clonic convulsion. 1g it can cause insomnia, excitation, heart palpitations, and increased respirations.
what are the AE of amphetamines?
depression, lack of emotion, dec in apetite, cardiac defects
what are the AE of cocaine?
vasoconstriction, inc BP, SVT,
what are the subjective effects of LSD?
heightened senses, no longer know boundaries, inward attention
what are the potential AE of ephedra?
heart attacks, arrythmias, stroke, brain hemmorrage, seizure, death.
what is the tx for strychinin poisinging?
IV diazepam/lorazepam

short acting barb
what are the potential AE for ephedra?
palpitations, MI. stroke, increase HR, increase in BP, brain hemorrage, seizure, death
what is the AE for ecstasy/MDMA?
over heating, dehydration, teeth grinding
what are the AE for bath salts?
suicide, hyper, HTN, aggitation, anger, insomnia, paranoia, depression