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when cells increase in number it is called?
what are two enzymes that allow neoplastic cells to invade th ebasement membrane?
collagenase and hydrolase
when cells have an increased nulear to cytoplasmic ratio but have not invaded the basement membrane, it is called?
carcinoma in situ
squamous _________ occurs in the trachea and bronchi of smokers
what is it called when a cell has reversible preneoplastic changes with abnormal shape and size?
abnormal cells that lack differentiation are called?
anaplastic cells
staging of a tumor takes into account what factors?
TMN size of tumor, node involvment, metastases
histolgy of a tumor is used to determine?
what has more prognostic value? Grade or stage?
TUMOR NOMENCLATURE: the term _________ implies epithelial origin, whereas _________ implies mesenchymal origin
carcinoma, sarcoma
TUMOR NOMENCLATURE: a tumor of blood vessels is called what when it is benign? When it is malignant?
hemangioma, angiosarcoma
TUMOR NOMENCLATURE: what is a benign tumor of skeletal muscle called?
Kaposi's sarcoma and aggressive malignant lymphomas are associated with what disease
Actinic Keratosis predispose to what disease?
squamous cell carcinoma of skin
down syndrome is associated with what neoplasm?
c-myc oncogenes are associated with what neoplasm?
burkitt's lymphoma
breast, ovarian, and gastic carcinomas all have this oncogene mutation in common?
erb B2
MEN II and III are associated with what oncogenic mutation?
Name the associated tumor witht the following tumor supressor gene mutations: Rb, APC, WT1
retinoma blastoma, colorectal cancer, wilms tumor
p53 is on what chromosome
osteosarcoma is associated with what tumor supressor gene mutation
TRAP is a tumor marker for what neoplasm
hairy cell leukemia
what tumor marker is elevated in hyatidiform moles
ovarian tumors are associated with what tumor marker
the virus associated with burkitts and nasopharyngeal cancer is?
hpv is responsible for what cancers?
cervical, penile, and anal carcinoma
what virus is responsible for kaposis sarcoma?
aflatoxin, vinyl chloride and ccl4 damage what organ?
nitrosamines cause cancer in what organs?
esophagus or stomach
asbestos causes what types of cancer?
bronchogenic and mesothelioma
When the following are obstructed, what can occur: bronchus? Biliary tree? Left colon?
pneumonia, jaundice, constipation
tumor mass in the brain can cause the following
seizure, increased intracranial pressure, mass effect and herniation
compression of the recurrent laryngeal nerve can cause what?