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Nematodes are elongate cylindrical worms with a
body wall, digestive system, excretory system, nervous system, and reproductive system
anterior end may contain
hooks, teeth, lips, and plates used for abrasion, attachment and sensory detection
outer body wall has
hylaline, noncellular cuticle, a subcuticular epithelium and a layer of muscle cells
subcuticular layer
contains somatic muscles, nerves, and excretory muscles
during its growth phase, undergoes _____
Alimentary tract is
an elongated tube consisting of an oral cavity, esophagus, midgut, hindgut and anus
by sucking host blood, ingesting lysed tissues, feeding on intestinal contents and by ingestion of other host body fluids
Metabolic processes are
aerobic or anaerobic
Excretory system is
2 later canals that transverse the worms body
Do not have a _____ but the body contains hemoglobulin, glucose, proteins, and salts that function as blood
circulatory system
Nervous system consists of
an anterior nerve ring of connected ganglia surrounding the esophagus with nerve trunks radiating anteriorly and posteriorly
Sensory organs in the __,__,__,and __ regions allow the worms to react to drought, heat, cold and chemical stimuli
labial, cervical, andal and genital regions
Nematodes are hermaphordites or dioecious?
Dioecious. male and female found on diff org.
Male reproductive organs consist of
testis, vas deferens, seminal vesicle, ejaculatory duct, and spicules contained in copulatory bursa
Female reproductive organs include
ovary, oviduct, seminal receptacle, uterus and vagina.