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List ascarids of the pig and of man
Ascaris suum (Pig)
Ascaris lumbricoides (man)
Characteristics of Ascarids' eggs
resistant to contamination
L1-L3 in egg
egg with L3 is infective
Intermediate host of Ascaris suum
Effects of Ascaris suum larva on hosts
larval migration cause development of sensitization in lung and liver.
Residual "milk spot" in pig liver
A.suum larvae in cattle → anaphylaxis
Effects of A. suum adults on host
loss of growth
anti-pepsin & anti-trypsin secretion
interference of gut funciton and obstruction of bile duct & pancreatic duct due to their large size
Pathogenesis of A. suum
Larvae → mechanical damage → eoshinophilic inflammation → fibrosis → regeneration → milk spot!

Adult → mechanical damage, haemorrhage and eosinophilic inflammation
Life cycle of A. suum
Egg in faeces → L1-L3 w/in eggs → egg with L3 ingested → hatch in SI → free L3 penetrate mucosa of LI (SI) → portal vein → liver → the lung → break through alveoli → bronchioles → trachea → pharyns → swallowed → SI → mature to reproductive adults in SI and lay large number of eggs
Ascarids of horses & donkey?
Parascaris equorum
Clinical signs of Parascaris equorum
-respiratory signs
-liver damage
Ascarids that affect fox and dog
Toxocara canis
Ascarids that affect only cat
Toxocara cati
Ascarids that affect mainly dog and sometimes cat
Toxascaris leonina
Compare ascrids of canids and felids in terms of transmission
Toxocara canis (O, HP, TP → prenatal inf)
Toxocara cati (O, HP, TM → no prenatal inf)
Toxascaris leonina (O, Mucosal)
Morphological difference between T.canis and T.cati
T.canis: long alae
T.cati: short more obvious alae
How to distinguish eggs of Toxocara sp and Toxascaris sp?
Toxocara: sticky
Toxascaris: smooth surface
Which Ascarids of mammals are zoonotic?
Toxocara canis
What is paratenic host of Toxocara sp and Toxascaris sp?
arthropods, rodents, lizards, and birds
Pot-bellied appearance dogs are likely to infect with what Nematodes?
Toxocara canis
Important aspects of life cycle in terms of control of Toxocara canis
-Many young animals affected clinically due to peri-natal infection
-must begin treatment at an early age
-very resistant eggs
-difficult to control paratenic hosts
Ascarid of ruminant
Toxocara vitulorum