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Junior-college quarterback star Zac Taylor said yes to the Cornhuskers Saturday, becoming the 21st commitment out of the Class of 2005. Taylor will start school in January, compete in spring practice, then battle incumbent Joe Dailey and hotshot freshman Harrison Beck for the job in the fall.
bo pellini is getting head coach offers at Pittsburgh
channel 6
The end of an era was quiet, almost frozen, with grown men welling up with tears and fans hanging over the rafters, trying to figure out what to do. For the first time in 36 years, Nebraska is a football team with nowhere to go after Friday's 26-20 loss to Colorado on a cold, gloomy day at Memorial Stadium.
Michael Leavitt, Utah's governor before joining the Bush administration in late 2003, would succeed Tommy Thompson.
Matt Herian had it all heading into the 2004 football season, from the preseason hype to the promise of catching more passes than ever. Optimism met realism over the next couple of months, and then realism took a turn for the worse near the Nebraska football sideline on Oct. 30. So here's the Husker tight end now, mending from a broken leg and a broken wrist and, in some regards, a broken season.
the huskers are in a down phase and will bounce up later, even though this is shocking to nebrakskans
channel 7
WASHINGTON - President Bush chose Environmental Protection Agency chief Michael Leavitt on Monday to be secretary of Health and Human Services, filling one of the last two openings in his second-term Cabinet.

Bush praised Leavitt as a "fine executive" and "a man of great compassion." "He's an ideal choice to lead one of the largest departments of the United States government."

Leavitt, Utah's governor before joining the Bush administration
Steve Octavien had this whole recruiting thing figured out. The junior-college linebacker visited four schools during the past month. He charted each of his finalists, using an extensive evaluation system that assigned points to every school in different categories. In the end, North Carolina won - by seven points over Nebraska, Iowa and Central Florida. So why, then, did Octavien on Monday commit to the Huskers? "I went with my heart," he said.
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Published Monday
November 29, 2004

Excerpts of Medical Marijuana Arguments

By The Associated Press

Excerpts from Monday's Supreme Court oral argument on medical marijuana, as transcribed by Alderson Reporting Co.:

JUSTICE SANDRA DAY O'CONNOR: ''As I understand it, if California's law applies, then none of this homegrown or medical-use marijuana will be on any interstate market. And it is in the area of something traditionally regulated by states.''
ACTING SOLICITOR GENERAL PAUL CLEMENT: ''Well, Justice O'Connor, let me first say that I think it might be a bit optimistic to think that none of the marijuana that's produced consistent with California law would be diverted into the national market for marijuana. And, of course, the Controlled Substances Act is concerned, at almost every step of the act, with a concern about diversion, both of lawful substances from medical to nonmedical uses and from controlled substances under Schedule I into the national market.''
ar crimes trials against some of Iraq's former Baath Party leaders will begin next week, the interim prime minister, Ayad Allawi, said today, although he did not say if Saddam Hussein would be among them
Make a list . . . electronics, fur, toys, cashmere . . .