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What army pub is entitled "the army NCO guide"
FM 7-22.7
What is the NCO vision?
An NCO corps, grounded in heritage, values and traditions, that embodies the warrior ethos, values perpetual learning, and is capable of leading, training, and motivating soldiers
What are the 3 phases of leader and NCO development programs?
Reception and integration
Basic skill development
Advanced skill development
When assuming a leadership position in your unit what should you do?
what the organization expectes of you
who is your immediate supervisor and what they expect of you
the level of competence and strengths of your soldiers
the key people outside your organization whose help you will need
What is the difference b/ween duty, responsibility, and authority?
Duty-A legal and moral obligation to do what needs to be done
Resposibility- Being accountable for your actions
Authority- the power to direct subordinates and take action in your AO
What are the 3 different types of duties?
What are the 2 categories of inspections for determining the status of soldiers and their equipment?
What are the 4 steps in making an on the spot correction?
Correct the soldier
attack the performance, not the person
one correction at a time
correct once, dont ride it