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Telling others what to do and accepting responsability for their actions.
"Directing others"
Useing a variety of skills, being prepared to change tasks frequently.
Accuratley judging he distance of objets from you.
"Depth perception"
using mathmatical or statistical procedures to analyze data or solv problems.
"number resoning"
Arrangeing your activities to save time and energy.
Coordinateing movements of the hand, arm and hand, or both hands.
"Manual dextery"
Selecting an action and acceptin responsability for its consequences.
"Decision making"
Useing mathmatical methodsto understand and solve problems.
"Math reasoning"
Systematically searching out and gathering information.
Coordinateing movements of two or more limps together.
"motor coordination"
Communicateing info clearly an d accuratly.
Bringing others together and trying to reconcile differances.
Useing you fingers with persicion.
"Finger dexterity"
Determining the best human resources, finances, and materil resources.
"Manageing resources"
Performing tasks exactly as others decided they should be done.
"Follow procedure"
Following a code of ethnics which may, at times cause you to make a unpopular or unprofitable decisions.
Predicting the value, size, or cost of somthing, or outcome of numerical operations.
Correcting written material for grammar, content and style.
Getting new tasks, ideas , projects or equantencwes started.
Useing mathmatical methodsto understand and solve problems.
"Math reasoning"