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Legislation can regulate all except
the amount the facility can charge for a specific item (procedure)
When can a nurse legally use force against a patient?
only in self-defense if the nurse has reason to believe she is being or about to be attacked
Requirements for licensure in a particular state are set by
the individual state boards of nursing
Ladder approach to nursing education means that
each level builds on the knowledge base of the previous one
Who would be the most likely educational level of the person responsible for an independent nursing research project?
The first immunization was developed for
small pox
Your patient is refusing to take his sleeping pill which is ordered to be given at 9 PM. Your best reply would be
Your doctor wants you to have this pill but it is your option to refuse.
According to the ANA statement, the nurse's obligation is to
the patient
Continuing education is the responsibility of the
The majority of health problems in the United States today are related to
chronic illness
The type of nursing that assigns 24 hour responsibility for a patient's care until discharge is
primary nursing
Why would a nurse want to get a specialty certification?
to document expertise in a given area
When telling a patient their rights, the nurse is acting in which role?
patient advocate
What does the general public use as evidence that a hospital is delivering high quality care?
How does collective bargaining work?
management and staff work out an agreement
What is the primary purpose of continuing education?
to assist the nurse in maintaining competency
The nurse in the emergency room is told by the doctor to draw up novocaine. The nurse thought she heard him say anectine, drew it up and the doctor administered it. Who is at fault?
the nurse for failure to reconfirm the drug order
In a group session, one person is dominating the conversation. What is the best way to handle this situation?
thank the person for their opinion and ask for the opinions of others
A nurse is aware of an individual's past medical history which includes possible cancer because she took care of him in the hospital. Her husband, an insurance broker, is considering writing a life insurance policy for him and is unaware of the past history of possible cancer. If the nurse informs her husband of the medical history, she may be committing:
defamation by slander
The best legal documentation of patient teaching is
providing written instructions
The nurse intentionally gives an overdose of morphine to a cancer patient. This type of attempted murder is
criminal assault and battery
It is now mandatory in many states when death is imminent or has occurred, the nurse must ask the family for organ donations. The way the nurse handles this situation is primarily influenced by
personal feelings and professional ethics
Mrs. Bannon asks, "What is my blood pressure?" You should
tell her the exact number
Criminal law seeks to do all except
Mr. Lopez demands to see his chart. You should
contact your supervisor to determine hospital policy
Most of the U.S. population lives in
urban areas
Who was the first nurse to describe assessment, intervention and evaluation as necessary nursing activities?
Florence Nightingale
A 47 year old man was severely injured in a motorcycle accident and is now a quadriplegic who required total assistance for activities of daily living, has a foley catheter for urinary elimination, is incontinent of bowel, has a gastrostomy tube in place for feeding and frequently requires IV antibiotics. Which facility would be most appropriate for him?
skilled care facility
The Women's Rights movement has had what effect on nursing?
nurses are demanding equal rights as health care professionals
Which statement is true about applying for a license in another state after being licensed in one state?
You must meet the state requirements and pay the fees.
Early organized caretakers of the sick were most commonly
religious orders
Establishing a nursing diagnosis is part of which phase of the nursing process?
Who developed the behavioral system model for nursing?
Dorothy Johnson
What function in research might an associate degree nurse fulfill?
data collection
Which accreditation is mandatory for nursing programs?
During which era was there a rapid population shift from rural to urban living?
Industrial Revolution
The diploma nurse's role would be clinical patient care while the LPN's role is basic patient care. What is the role of the associate nurse?
holistic patient care
The doctor has just explained the bronchoscopy procedure to your patient and has left the unit. You ask the patient to sign the consent form and he tells you that he did not understand what the doctor was saying. You should
call the doctor to come back
The Standards of Nursing Practice was written by
American Nurses' Association
In order for a patient to give informed consent he must know all except
the names of all persons involved in the procedure
Laws that regulate professional titles, the scope of practice and gives the state enforcement power are from
state statutes
During which phase of the nursing process is the care plan revised as needed?
Which type of audit would be done by a committee of peers not actually involved in the care and done while care is being given (while the patient is still admitted)?
external concurrent audit
What was the main purpose for the formation of the American Association of Critical Care Nurses?
to form a group of people with similar interests and education
Nurses can best effect change by
belonging to professional organizations
According to Mildred Montag, the new graduate ADN nurse is best prepared for
technical bedside care
The turning point in medicine that shifted the most common health problem from infection to chronic disease was
discovery of antibiotics
Ethical decision making should be based on
the patient's wishes
As a result of the increase in the homeless population, what changes in health care have occurred?
increased health outreach programs
The Mosaic health code includes these three
strict isolation of contagious diseases, prohibited the contamination of wells, prohibited the eating of pork or other foods that might cause disease