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What do you watch for with Guillan Barr syndrome
respitory disfunction
an increase in urine specific gravity is a sign of what
jaw stiffness, chills, fever and sore throat are s/s of
tetanus/lock jaw
what type of shock can occur after surgery that is evidenced by a low CVP
hypovolemic shock
DTP is an immunization for
diptheria, tetanus,and pertussis
burn pt with black tarry stools has signs of
curling ulcers
_____is a complication of gastrotomy
dumping syndrome
s/s of Thypus are
a sudden onset of fever, chills, and myalgia
position of pt after crainotomy
fowlers with a pillow under shoulder
What is a priority NSG DX for pyelonephritis
altered comfort
related to inflammatroy process
MS results from
demylenation of neurons
what is tinels sign
tapping lightly over medial never that will cause tingling and numbness in carparl tunnel
phalens maneuver
allow wrist to fall freely in to maxium flexion for 60 seconds--a tingling sensation in median never over hand
used for dx of carpal tunnel
a white coating on tounge and muscle pain =
Rocky Mt spotted fever
A pt with lymes disease should never take their tetracycline with
dairy products or mineral supplements such as vit. with iron
flushed face, ^BP,^sweating, headache and distended neck veins are s/s of
autonomic dysreflexia
________controls hearing
temporal lobe
________controls sensory info and spatial orientation
parietal lobe
what is the first sign of syphillis
a painless chancre
an effect of strep is
glumerular nephritis
With proper equipment a pt with a C6 injury should be able to
feed themself
Why increase fluids when taking colichine
to help excrete uric acid and help with constipation
ketosis,metabolic acidosis, and hyperventilation are s/s of
salycate poisoning
who should not recieve the oral polio vaccine
an immune suppressed person
what meds are used to decrease cerebral edema
problems with the hypoglossal nerve will show
paralysis of side of the tongue, deviation of the tongue towards the paralyzed side, and thick speech
If a pt is taking Amphotericn B what needs to be monitored for
anaphylaxis and hypokalemia
rubella vaccine is contraindicated in pt with what type of allergy
night sweats, pallor, and wheezing are s/s of
diet for Crohns
small frequent meals-avoid high fiber foods and foods that stimulate intestinal activity such as carbonated drinks those with caffine
A pt with abducens neve problems will have
eye problems/double vision
s/e of lanoxin
halo and yellow vision
A vaccination of pertussis should be expected at what age
problems with the optic nerve=
problems with sight
corneal reflex is a sign of
brain met. of breast cancer
how long for a cast to dry
24-72 hrs
group A strep is documented with
rheumatic fever
syphillis can be DX'd by
What is the main s/s of gonorrhea in both men and women
dysuria with purlent drainage
a positive sputum test means
active TB
Where will you see herpes zoster on a body
thoracic area
The incubation period for gonorrhea is
2-8 days after exposure
____is given for an UTI and ___should be increased to prevent crystaluria
Gastrisin fluids
What happends when HSV 2 diminishes
when HSV2 diminishes it asends the periphal nerves and remains in the nerve ganglia
Chlamydia is a concern for what during pregancy
vag. birth
s/s of CMV
fever, headache, photophobia,stiff neck,and seziures
how is giardiasis spread
by the fecal oral route found in contaminated water
s/s of legionares disease
fever, cough, chest x-ray will show pnx, and decrease kidney and liver functions
nuchal rigidity, photophobia, delrium, and seziures are s/s of
kopliks spots accompany
In the 1st phase of Gram Neg. sepsis a pt will have
hyperthemia, vasodilation, hypotension, and tachycardia
2nd phase of Gram Neg. sepsis is
shock and decrease urinary output
what color is normal synovial fluid
clear, scant, and straw colored
Rubella vaccine contains
live attenuated virus
What are the two major signs of SLE
a butterly rash on the face and muscle soreness
What type of Fx are usually a sign of abuse
s/s of fat emboli are
restlessness and irritability
The frontal lobe controls
speech, memory, motor function, and concentration
What is used for the dx of myasthenia gravis
tensilon test
how is tensilon test performed
pt is injected with endophonium chloride via IVP and watched for facial movements
what lobe controls sight
how should pt be placed when having a seziure
lateral position
what does a transection at C4 result in
paraplegia is a result of damage to what area
Pin rolling tremors and a shuffling gait are signs of
Parkinson's disease
penrose dressing placement
over and around penrose drain
The major effects of mysthenia gravis are
a decrease in motor function begining with the muscles of the eyes, face, and throat.
what is the antidote for digoxin
What is the antidote for INH
What hormone is affected by surgery and anesthesia
What is a distinctive sign of diverticulitis
LLQ pain
other s/s are alternating constipation and diarrhea,flatus, and abd distention
how is dumping syndrome best managed
eat several small meals thru out the day, lie down after eating, avoid fluids except with meals
diet for ulcertive colitus
low residue
ex. milk cottage cheese, white bread, refined pasta and cereal,pulp free juice
The older the pt the higher the risk for___and___ produced by hypoventilation
hypoxemia and hypercapnia
what is a major problem with an ileostomy
excoriation which can lead to infection
what is a common med for gonorrhea
Pt with HIV should not recieve what vaccine
polio vaccine or trivalent polio vaccine
What is Legg Calves perthes disease
necrosis of the femoral head causing dislocation
what is a replacement valve from a human
s/s of duodenal ulcers are
wt loss, belching, poor app. and n/v
remove a tic with
problems with olfactory=
problems with smell
prpblems with oculomotor=
pytosis, double vision, devation of eyeball
problems with trochlear=
rotation of the eyeball upwards and double vision
problems with trigeminal=
pain or loss of sensation in the face, forehead, and temple
problems with abducens=
eye trouble
problems with vestibulcuchlear=
deafness, ringing in ears, dizzines, n/v
prob with glossoharyngeal=
problems swallowing and taste
problems with vagus=
hoarseness difficultiy swallowing
What is Parkinson's caused by
a deficiency in dopamine
A masklike expression is a sign of
Parkinson's disease
acquired immunity developes by
a vaccation or contracting the disease
herpes are what type of lesion
haemophilus otits media is a reult of
strep pneumae and haemophilus influenzae
complications of varicella are
encephalitis and other secondary bacterial infections
What is often responsible for the development of pleural effusions
lobar pnx
What can be documented in most cases of Rheumatic Fever
a previous infection with group a beta-hemolytic streptocci
how does herpes simplex 2 survive in the body
by invading the nerve ganglia when its replication is diminished
The most common sources of salmonella are
poultry and egss
Gonorrhea is resistant to
2 drugs often used in the tx of gonorrhea
cipro and suprax
Gonorrhea my be
What is the most effective way to clean blood spills
sodium hypochlorite/bleach
a sudden onset of fever along with chills and difuse myalgia is indicative of
What is most often seen in Rocky Mt. Spotted Fever
severe vomiting along with chills and headache
vesicular lesions on the trunk are a sign of
varicella/chicken pox
A strawberry tongue is a classic sign of
scarlet fever
rubeola aka
hep B is transmitted primarly
thu blood
A pt with PID is best positioned
in semi-fowlers to facilate drainage
Clinical manifestation of pneumocystis carnii in an AIDS pt
pulmonary infiltrates, nonproductive cough, fever, and dysnea
pt with TB will have
pallor, night sweats, weight loss, low grade temp, and cough
clinical manifestation of PNX are
chills, some form of respiratory distress that necessitates the use of accessory muscles (neck muscles) for breathing.INSPIRATORY CRACKLES WILL BE PRESENT
2 test for syphilis
The DOC of streptoccal pharyngitis is
what are inital signs of shigella
fever and cramping abd pain
What are the intital signs of salmonella
nausa and vomiting
what are the intial signs of monoucleosis
headache and fatigue
what are the inital signs of Norwalk virus
anorexia and maliase
NSG DX for a 3 month old with salmonella
fluid volume defict
Primary goals for pt scheduled for ortho surgery
pain relief
tissue perfusion
health maint.
improved mobility
improved self concept
What is one of the most common fx seen in children
an oblique fx of the clavicle
What can be done to protect/keep clean a spica cast on child
apply a lg diaper around the perinal area
maint. of Bucks traction
weight should be btn 5-10 lbs
circulation ck q 2hr
remove foam boot tid
compartment syndrome is signaled by
deep throbing pain
Osteomyelitis is signaled by
symptoms of a systemic infection including chills, fever, and general maliase
a fat embolism is signaled by
SOB, chest pain, and confusion
Avulsion and open fxs are associated with
traumatic bone injury
compression fxs are often associated with
crush injuries
what would make a bone more prone to a pathologic fx
the presence of disease
A pt with scoliosis should wear their brace
23 hrs a day
Positive antinuclear antibodies support the dx of
what are resting spints designed to do
hold the joints of the hands in a desirable position
the best chair for pt with hip fx
straight chair with tall legs
place pt in what position in the acute phase of CVA
lateral with HOB^
precipitating factors for a generalized tonic clonic seziure are
^stress, insomia and acohol use
_____is used to decrease ICP in a pt with a brain injury
how should dilantin be taken
with food or fluid and maintain dental hygiene
_____will elicit the bicep reflex
elbow flexion
______is the expected responcse to testing the triceps reflex
elbow extension
What are the inital signs of bacterial meningitis
headache and fever--any ^ or recurrence should be investigated and neurological status assessed continously
most comfortable position for pt with meningitis
lying on back with head slightly elevated without a pillow or in the side lying postion
personality, judgement, and inhibitions are in the
frontal lobe
a pt with a c5 injury may regain
some use of their hands
a pt with C4 transection will be a
What is the purpose of skin grafting with a burn pt
to prevent contractures
what is the purpose of an elastic pressure garmet and when is it used
it is used in the rehabilative phase to reduce hypertropic scarring by helping to restrucure collagen
Epigastrium pain that occurs 1-3 hrs after a meal is characteristic of a
duodenal ulcer
rigidity and diminished bowel sound are the most common signs of a
intraperitoneal injury
what suggest renal trauma
a palpable flank mass
The combo of muscle relaxants and general anesthesia may cause
respiratory arrest
A central venous pressure of 3 is low and usually a manifestation of
What is the post- op physiological process that affects a pt's fluid and electrolyte balance
a stimulation of antidiuretic hormone-the pt is at risk for imbalances and decrease urinary output
What is most often seen in acctaminophen poisoning
corrosive chemical poisoning s/s
pain, drooling and difficulty swallowing
The theraputic action of zidovudine(AZT) is
it inhibits or slows the replication of the virus
what is kept at bedside for pt with epiglotits
trach set
The causative organism for epiglottis is
Mumps is inflamation of the
salivary gland
Pt's with RA and lupus will both have an ^ in
Bucks traction theraputic effects
decreases muscle spasm
relieves pain
what is deficient in myesthenia gravis
What type of excercises help maintain muscle tone in a pt with a cast
The first sign of ICP is
a decrease in arousability
impaired verbal communication related to aphasia
The normal babinskis reflex is
the toes will fan outand draw together when the sole of the foot is stroked
The rash with Rocky Mt Spotted fever will be on
the soles of the feet and palms of the hands
The positive signs a pt with meningitis will have
Brudzinski and kernigs

Brudzinski flex hips or knee when hands are place on the back of the neck and bent foward
kernigs sign pain or resistance when the pt's leg is flexed at the hip or knee while in supine
Opisthotonos is a
spasm in which the back and extremities arch backward so the body rest on the head and heels ***seen in meningitis
how does plasmapheresis diminishes symptoms in pts with MS
It works by removing antibodies from plasma
treatment of compartment syndrome
fasciotomy,positioning the affected area lower than the heart, and remove constrictive coverings from the area
the etiology of rheumatic heart disease is
Group A streptococci
Rheumatic heart disease is the most significant complication of
rheumatic fever
What meds are contraindicated in pt's with salmonellosis and why
antidiarrheals because they can potentially extend ther period of the infection
The 1st phase of gram negative infection you will see
*hyperthermia(indicative of the onset)*
vasodilation with vascular dehydration
Mild conjunctivitis is present in the prodomal stage of
Rubella/german measles
abd pain is present in the prodromal stage of
scarlet fever
papules are present in the prodromal stage of
chicken pox
An earache is a manifestation in the prodromal stage of
The 1st med tried after total hip replacemnt is
compartment syndrome always remember
***tissue damage after 30 mins
***permanent damage after 4 hrs
What is given during hemorrage to control hypovolemia
post-op cataract surgery pt should be in what position
prone **bedrest**
vitals signs with increase of ICP
increasing BP and slowing heart rate
s/s of fat embolism are
chest pain, SOB, and confusion
what is predisposes a pt to otitis media
An____is most at risk for ruebella
unborn fetus
Injuries above C4 will result in
paralysis of respiratory muscles and all 4 extremities
In the second stage of syphillis the pt will have
bone and muscle aches
Huntington disease is caused by
the degeneration of neurons
bowel sounds in pt with diverticolosis will
be increased
DOC for
The MMR is given at
12months, 4 years and 11 years old
what type of dressing for shingles
cool wet
A ct scan will show stroke after
48-72 hrs
Type of pain with 3rd degree burn
The tx for hypovolemic shock is
fluids and transfusions
Eye problems with MS include
nystagmus,diplopia, and blurred vision
A CVP of 18 shows
over hydration
what drugs for lupus
In Kawasaki disease the pt's temp will be
higher than 102.2
peptic ulcers occur in the
pyloric area
ratio for rubella resistance
The use of corticsteriods for pt's with spinal injuries is to
help increase sensory and motor function
blood test are used to detect
What drug slows the progression of HIV to AIDS
Cytomegalovirus/CMV mainly effects what type of person
immune compromised such as those with AIDS or with organ transplants
What in history may predispose a pt to Rheumatic fever
a sore throat
what are complications seen with thermal burns
What is a T tube used for
after exploration of the common bile duct to help prevent bile from spilling into the peritoneal cavity
a penrose drain promotes
blood and sersanguineous drainge from a wound out of the body
Why is estrogen replacement therapy primarily presbcribed for pt's with osteoporosis
to decrease the rate of bone resorption
What are the DOC for RA
salicylates particulary ASA
The side effects of INH
decrease muscle strength and hand eye coordination numbess in extremities
s/s of cystitis
legg-calves-perthes disease is most common in
boys ages 4-10
s/s of legg-calves-perhes
a limp that becomes worse
pain in groin anteror thigh or knee
shortned appearance of affected leg
restricted hip abduction
post op hip arthroplasty
supine with affected side abducted trapeze over head
Neostigmine bromide and pyridostigmine are given to pt's with mysthenia gravis to
increase the response of the muscles to nerve impulses and improve strength
Jackson Pratt pump
depress cap and rtn to suction

squeeze and expel air before recapping
What to avoid S/P cataract surgery
laying on stomach
sneezing and coughing
What med will decrease the discomfort in meniere's disease
How is Ipecac given
with warm water
an artificial opening in the small bowel is a
a fax emboli is most common in a
femur fracture
drain aqueous fluid in glaucoma
The only definitive way to dx Crohns is by
14-16 year olds get what vaccine
symptoms of spleen rupture are
pain in the L shoulder
a finding in chronic glomerulonephritis