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Suture removal for knee arthroscopy occurs at...
7 days
A client who just had knee arthroscopy may begin walking when?
When sensation has returned
Used after a hip fx. and before internal fixation to provide comfort, reduce muscle spasms and immobilizes the Fx.
Buck's Extension Traction
How long should a newly fx. extremity be elevated for?
24-48 hours to promote venous drainage.
Tx. is with administration of corticosteroids,intubation and mechanical ventilation with positive end expiratory pressure.
Fat embolism
Chest radiograph has a snowstorm appearance. When it is clear it is the best indicator of resolution.
Fat embolism
Tingling/parasthesia is the earliest sign. Pain with elevation.
Compartment Syndrome
Cyanosis is a late sign
Compartment syndrome
What to do if the ace wrap comes off of a newly excised stump?
Immediately rewrap it in order to head off edema.
A synovial fluid aspirate of Uric acid over 7 mg/dl indicates...
Joint pain which diminishes with rest and increases with activity.
Break at an angle
Break straight across
Ambulate post surgical knee replacement patients early to help to prevent...
Test used for evaluating severity and course of an inflammatory process such as a bacterial infection or Rheumatoid disease.
CRP C- Reactive protein