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Gases move from the blood to the alveoli and alveoli to the blood through which process?
Harsh crowing sound made on inspiration related to airway obstruction.
Promote frequest rest periods during the day for the patient who has...
Exercise Intolerance
How can you tell if an exercise program is increasing cardiovascular health?
A decrease in heart rate during exertion.
What is the best position for a person with difficulty breathing?
Fowler's Position
What kind of food is good for a low residue diet?
Poached egg
What is the best indicator of protein status?
Serum Albumin
Low of high potassium can cause what?
Aluminum containing antacids and opiates can cause..
BUN assess what?
Renal Function
Dark, amber urine is a sign of?
Fluid volume deficit
What should be avoided in a sodium-restricted diet?
Cann soups
Creamed soups can be added when?
When going from a clear liquid diet to a full liquid diet.
What is a sign of urinary retention?
Bladder distension after voiding