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How many layers are in the LGN
which layers of the LGN are ipsilateral
2,3, & 5
which layers of the LGN are Magnocellular
which layers of LGN are parvocellular
Where is Meyer's loop located
termporal lobe
what passes thru Meyer's loop
fibers for the superior VF (inf. retinal fibers)
what fibers travel thru the optic radiations in the parietal lobe/
ipsilateral temporal fibers of the inf. VF (temp. fibers of sup. retina)

contralateral nasal fibers of the inf. VF
striate cortex is also known as?
primary visual cortex
Brodmann's area 17
where do nasal fibers cross?
at the optic chiasm
lesion results in bitemporal hemianopsia
which lesions result in quadrantanopsia
Meyer's loop
optic radiations
obj. located closer than the horopter have what type of disparity
crossed disparity
"img. of right eye projects to the left and img. of left eye projects to the right"
obj. located further than the point of fixation have what type of disparity
uncrossed disparity
where are the first binocular neurons of the vixual cortex located
where are ocular dominance columns located
how many layers are there in the ocular dominance columns

7 "I"psilateral
1 "C"ontralateral
4 "E"qual innervation
when does the critical period for a kitten, monkey and human begin
kittin 3wks
monkey ~birth
human ~birth-6mo.
when does the critical period peak
kitten 4-6wks
monkey 1mo.
human 1-2yrs
when does the critical period end
kitten 9-12mo
monkey 2 yrs
human 7-9yrs
why is aliasing not typically experienced in the fovea
retinal img is optimally sampled in the center
how is MTF (modulation transfer fxn)
apply Fourier analysis to the point spread fxn
what is the optimum pupil diam. for imaging fine spatial detail
do peripheral aberrrations increase or decrease with increased pupil size
low-spatial frequency fall-off is due to________
lateral inhibition and Hz cells in the outer retina
evidence for mult. spatial fequency channels
what does SMTF tell us
how well and optical lens transfers info.
what does CSF tell us
shows contrasxt sensitivey as a fxn of spatial frequency
what is the high frequency cut-off for young healthy eyes
60 cyc/deg (60Hz)
how do you find the minimum angle of resolution (MAR)
reciprocal fo the Snellen fraction
does a neonate have low spatial frequency fall-off