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What Environmental Tobacco Smoke called?
Second Hand or Passive Smoke.
What is the Navy directive concerning Navy and Marine Corps Tobacco Policy?
SECNAVINST 5200.13 (series).
How many deaths are attributed to tobacco use yearly?
Who must make every effort to honor smoking preferences in a shared room configuration?
Commanding Officer
When was it mandatory for indoor designated smoking areas to be enclosed and exhausted directly outside?
07 DEC 2002
Who assists the commanding officer in determining spaces aboard ship that do not recirculate tobacco smoke?
The environmental engineer.
What spaces aboard a submarine should not be designated as smoking areas?
Berthing, messes, lounges, and exercise areas.
What type of carcinogen is Environmental Tobacco Smoke classified as?
Potential Class A.
What type of cancer is caused by smokeless tobacco?
What is the prescribed way to dispose of tobacco spit and residue?
In a sanitary manner that prevents public exposure.
Who is charged with implementing tobacco policy and program guidance for the Navy and Marine Corps?
CNO and COmmandant of the Marine Corps.
Who is responsible for providing effective smoking cessation at the command level?
Commanders, COs and OICs.
Who should be given medical counseling about the risks of tobacco smoking?
High risk personnel.
Who is responsible for monitoring tobacco related medical research?