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How does Navy Regulations define Leave?
The authorized absence of a member from a place of duty, chargeable against such member according to the Armed Forced Leave Act of 1946, as amended.
What is the ordinary leave accrual limit?
All earned or accrued leave must be reduced to 60 days at the end of the fiscal year, except in the case of Special Accrual.
What is the term used to describe leave granted in execution of a command's leave program?
Annual leave.
What is another term for annual leave?
Ordinary leave.
What is the term used to describe leave granted prior to its accrual to the member's leave account, based on a reasonable expectation that it will be earned by the member prior to EAOS?
Advance leave.
When is a member's pay and allowances checked for excess leave?
Upon the member's return form such leave.
Are convalescent and graduation leave chargeable to the member's leave account?
What is the MILPERSMAN's stated specific objective for granting of leave at the command level?
That all members use, on the average, their entire 30 days leave each year.
When does a member NOT bear the responsibility of location and arranging for necessary leave reliefs or any other type of duty standby?
For leave periods of four days or more which have been requested and granted prior to publishing any conflicting duty list or watch list.
Normally, what is the maximum amount of advance leave that may be granted?
45 days
Normally, what is the maximum mount of reenlistment leave that may be granted?
90 days
How is leave charged for a member placed on sick-in-quarters (SIQ) by a civilian physician while on leave?
They are not charged for the period of hospitalization or SIQ status insofar as leave accounting is concerned.
What course of action should be taken by a member who believes they are eligible for special leave accrual?
They should declare their eligibility to their commanding officer/officer in charge.
When may leave granting authorities authorize leave to commence on a day of duty?
At any time on that day.
What caution should be given to a member who is permitted to check-out and check-In on leave by telephone?
They must be in the immediate geographic area of their duty station (as defined by the local command).
Normally, what amount of convalescent leave is granted to a member following an uncomplicated delivery?
42 days
What is the maximum length of time an individual may be placed in a sick-in-quarters (SIQ) status?
No greater than 72 hours, but may be extended to a maximum of 14 days, when medically directed.
How is leave charged that is granted in connection with authorized rest and recuperation programs?
It is chargeable to the members leave account.
What leave program is established at overseas installations, where adverse environmental conditions require specific arrangements for leave in more desirable places at periodic intervals?
Environmental and Moral Leave (EML)
What personnel may participate in the Recruiting Assistance Leave Program for five consecutive days?
Members on regular leave between "A" or "C" school or apprenticeship training and their first permanent duty station.
What request must be submitted by members requesting leave in the Republic of the Philippines?
A Country Clearance Request.
What is the maximum length of a liberty period?
Except of public holiday weekends or public holiday periods specifically extended by the President, regular liberty periods will not exceed three days in length.
What form is used to control the authorized absence (other then leave) of enlisted members on pay grades E-1 through E-3?
The DD Form 345, Armed Forces Liberty Pass.
When is an Armed Forces Liberty Pass (DD Form 345) NOT required for E-1 through E-3 personnel?
When they are assigned to shore stations within the continental United States.
When may a member be placed on Appellate Leave?
Wen the member has been sentenced by court-martial to be dismissed or to receive an unsuspended punitive discharge and who has completed all awarded confinement.
When may a member voluntarily request administrative leave?
when the member has completed administrative separation pending final disposition by the separation authority.
Where do you obtain the form used to request administrative leave?
Contained in Exhibit 1 of MILPERSMAN 1050-390.
What is Paternity Leave?
Non-chargeable leave of absence granted to a married member whose wife gives birth to a child, i connection with the birth of the child.
What amount of Paternity Leave may be granted as a non-chargeable leave of absence?
10 days.
When must Paternity Leave be taken by a member in connection with the birth of a child?
Within 365 days of the birth of the child.
Must all 10 days of Paternity Leave be taken in a single block?
No, but it may NOT be taken consecutively in conjunction with liberty or special liberty.
How is the 10-day Paternity Leave affected by multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.)?
It remains the same and is NOT increased by multiple births.
Per SECDEF authority, what is the Annual Leave Carry Over policy? (NAVADMIN 221/08)
Until 31 Dec 2010, members may now carry over up to 75 days of accrued leave. (this carryover eligibility will cease and will rest to 60 days)
What is the Special Leave Accrual (SLA) retention limit? (NAVADMIN 221/08)
SLA that has been authorized, except for SLA earned in support of a contingency operation, may be kept for four fiscal years vice the previous retention limit of three fiscal years. (this retention increase only applies to SLA that is earned from 01 OCT 2008 to 31 Dec 2010)
What option has been granted by SECDEF for enlisted members who would otherwise lose leave in excess of 120 days? (NAVADMIN 221/08)
They are authorized a one time sell back of up to 30 days of leave, but the sell back of leave will count towards of the cap of 60 days of sell back authorized over a career.