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state the purpose of a Business Case Analysis.
NETCINST 1510.3 pg 1

A BCA is a structured methodolgoy to facilitate its decision-kaing process. It is a continous process from conception of an alternative or solution to implemen
Explain the purpose of the execute summary of a BCA.
NETCINST 1510.3 pg 3

To provide a concise summary of the key highlights of the business case. The reader should be able to understand what the prodject is about, the role of the project in the department's plan/direction, and the business justification of the project as well as how it will improve the overall efficiency and/or effectiveness of the government.
Explain what analysis of alternatives does.
NETCINST 1510.3 pg 9

Provides the reader with an outline of the realm of possibilities that are available to address the problem or opportunity. Secondly, it provides the reader with rationale to why some have been eliminated as viable alternatives. Finally, it provides a detailed description of viable options (includinga "do-nothing" option) that should be discussed.
Describe how strategic alignment is important in a BCA.
NECTINST 1510.3 pg8

It provides the reader with an understanding of how the initiative aligns with the overall business plan of the Navy and how it may impact other initiatives. It identifies the level of impact (high, medium, low) the initiative has on achieving its goal.
Discuss risk assessment in decision making of a BCA.
NETCINST 1510.3 pg 13

Provides the reader with an understanding of the risk related to the initiative and how risks vary by viable alternative. Must be performed as a component of the BCA. IT assigns an estimate of the risk to likely outcomes of alternative and includes a risk mitigation strategy for each risk.
Explain how cost benifit impact a BCA.
NETCINST 1510.3 pg 16

Ensures the reader can easily understand and compare the initial and on-going expenditures to the expected financial and non-financial benefits (tangibleand intangible) for each viable alternative.
Explain the final stages of a BCA.

Conclusions and recommendations
NETCINST 1510.3 pg 21-24

To provide the reader with a selected alternative based on an overall evaluation of the alternatives in terms of impact, risk and cost/benefit. Specific recommendations for moving a project forward are also presented.
Explain the final stages of a BCA.

Implementation Strategy
To ensure that those approving the business case understand the resources they must allocate (people, dollars, time) to complete the recommendated next steps of the initiative. Includes: Major phases, High level work plan/deliverables dates for completion, Cost, Personnel, assignment of responsiblities for risk mitigation.
Explain the final stages of a BCA.

Review and approval
Clearly presents the reader with whom and how the business case has been resolved and approved. Also contains the final outcome of the business case - if approved. Also contain the