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What 6 skills has the Navy identified that effective leaders have in common?
Commitment to command's mission; Self-image as a leader; Communication; Influencing; Development of others; and Concern for subordinate
What are 6 personal characterstics that promotes effective leadership?
Concern for achievement; Analytical problem solving; Interpersonal awarness; Initiative; Persistence; and Assertiveness
What 5 counseling objective (using one or more of) should be considered for achieving effective Counseling sessions?
Advice; Reassurance; Release of emotional tensions; Clarified thinking; and Reorientation
Who makes up the Operating Personnel in a Navy unit to complete goals and tasks?
The LPO and below
Who makes up the Operating Management in a Navy unit to set division goals and to supervise goal completion?
The Division Officer and CPOs
Who makes up Middle Management in a Navy Unit to determine requirements and meet goals?
The Department Head
Who makes up the Top Level Management to set visions and goals?
The CO/XO and above
What are 6 elements that interact to determine your leadership style?
Motives and values; Past experiences; Past and present supervisors; Jobs or taks; Organizational culture; Norms and situations
What are the 6 types of leadership styles?
Coercer; Authoritarian; Affiliator; Democratic; Pacesetter; and Coach
What 6 types of power?
Reward; Coercive; Legitimate; Informational; Referent; and Expert
What are the 5 management and supervisory skills required for maintaining an effective and efficient work center or division
Concern for standards; Concern for efficienty; Planning and organizing; Supervising for effective performance; and Monitoring
What are the 6 elements of effective control?
Activities; Timeliness; Effectiveness; Accuracy; Acceptance; and Organization
What does the term Management by Objectives (MBO) mean?
Superiors and subordinates taking part in setting overall goals for the organization
What are the Navy's 3 Core Values?
Honor, Commitment, and Courage
What leadership style is especially effective during a wartime situation when the command is in combat or under fire?
The Coercer style
What type of leadership style depicts a leader who sets high standards, leads by example, but would rather do the job themselves?
The Pacesetter
Which leadership style describes a leader who's first concern is people; where concern for subordinates and personal popularity are the most important aspects of their job?
An Affiliator
When would the Democratic leadership style be harmful?
When preparing for an inspection because you would lack control. It would also be harmful during drills or combat because you would nt have time to hold meetings
What type of leader is firm but fair, tactfull provides clear direction, but leaves no doubt about what is expected or who makes the final decisions?
An Authoritarian
Which style of leadership relies on participation of the group where the leaders believe subordinates should take part in the decision-making process?
Which style of leadership centers on the development of subordinates, where the leaders see their job as developing and improving the performance of their subordinates?
The Coach
Which leadership style is especially well adapted for the role of a counselor?
The Affiliator
Which leadership style involves subordinates doing the job the way the leader tells them to do it, and by using threats of discipline or punishment for motivation?
The Coercer style
When is the Coach style of leadership helpful?
When a worker is attempting to learn a new procedure or master a new technique.
What is the Pacesetter style of leadership helpful?
When you are working with a new work center or teaching a new maintenance procedure by example
Which leadership style might be usefl when seeking information on a particular situation before inspections?
What are the titles for E-7 in the Navy and Marines?
Navy: Chief Petty Officer Marines: Gunnery Sergeant
What are the paygrade titles for E-8 in the Navy and Marines?
Navy: Senior Chief Petty Officer Marines: First Sergeant or Master Sergeant
What are the paygrades titles for E-9 in the Navy and Marines?
Navy: Masterc Chief Petty Officer Marines: Sergeant Major and Master Gunnery Sergeant