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Concerning an Incident Report number, what do the first two numbers represent?
Concerning an Incident Report number, what do the next five numbers represent?
Concerning an Incident Report number, what do the last five numbers represent?
incident number
A criminal offense comitted against a criminal or property which is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offenders bias against a race, religion, ethnicity or sex.
Hate Crime
Copies of IR's will be retained for how long from the date of incident?
2 years
IR's that are stored electronically may be kept for how long if the security department has the capacity?
5 years
How long does NCIS hold reports for?
A period up to 50 years
Where can you find disposition guidance concerning IR's?
All hate crimes will be referred to and assumed by whom?
What is the form for Victim and Witness Assistant Program?
DD Form 2701
What is the purpose of the DD form 2701?
to advise crime victims of their rights