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The SCA will request what documents from the applicant upon certification?
-Initial Scope of Certification (SOC)
-Milestone Event Schedule (MES)
-Initial Pre-Survey Outline Booklet (PSOB)
-Certification scope Notebook, it required
-Mission Configuration Matrix, if required
Who finalizes the SOC boundries and approves it?
The SOC boundries shall be finalized by the applicant and approved or modified by the SCA when the system design is complete.
What must be approved before the final PSOB is submitted to the SCA?
The SOC boundries
What is included in the Certification Milestone Event Schedule?
A list of sequential events in the certification process with estimated dates of completion.
Documentation submissions, technical reviews, and deficiency corrections shall be considered in the MES to ensure timely completion of the certification process prior to the desired use date of the system.
when may the initial MES be submitted to the SCA?
Initial may be submitted at the sametime or shortly after the initial SOC is submitted.
Upon approval of the negotiated initial SOC by the SCA, a __________________ shall be prepared by the applicant?
Pre-Survey Outline Booklet (PSOB)
What does the SCA need to conduct an onsite survey?
1. Pre-survey Outline Booklet (PSOB)
2. System Certification requirement/Guidelines Checklist (SCA Survey Checklist)
What happens to the SCA Survey Checklist upon completion of a survey?
It becomes an official part of the SCA's profile, providing evidence that the certification requirements were met during the survey.
What must be prepared by the applicant each time the system comes due for recertification or continuation of certification?
A new Pre-survey Outline Booklet (PSOB)
What items are included in the PSOB for standard SSD and R/C systems?
-equipment ID
-operating parameters
-air supply system
-mixed gas/O2 supply system
-electrical systems
-diver handling system
-validation of as-built system drawings
-inspections, test and REC records
-OP's and EP's
-Operational Demonstration
What are 2 items produced by the applicant but are generally not mandatory for the certification process?
The Certification Scope Notebook
Mission Configuration Matrix
Whos responsibility is it to ensure detailed technical reviews of the system design are conducted and formally documented?
The diving system acquisition manager
A request for a on-site survey should reach the SCA at least ____ days prior to the desired date of the survey?
90 days
What is the purpose of the onsite survey?
To verify that the "as-built" system has been fabricated IAW the approved documentation.
Corrective action shall be completed prior to manned use.
-Category 1A
Corrective action must be accomplished prior to system certification.
-Category 1B
Corrective action must be accomplished prior to the date or event specified on the card to sustain certification.
-Category 1C
Corrective action must be accomplished on a specified component prior to its use, but overall system retains its certification.
Category 1D
Corrective action is desirable, but not mandotory.
Category II
Category ______ SCSCs are not written during an on-site survey to sustain or continue system certification. Survey findings that typically fall into this category are uncertified systems?
Category 1B
For systems of new design what is the tenure of certification?
Limited to one year subject to reevaluation.
What is the typical tenure of system certification?
3 years
What are the SCSC's conditions for termination or suspension?
1. Failure to correct Cat. 1C cards by specified date or event
2. Issuance of a cat. 1A survey card
Who's concurrence must be obtained for any design changes or proposed alterations to equipment within the SOC, or which could impact the SOC?
SCA concurrence
What is mandotory to operate outside of certified operational limits?
CNO Waiver
Which 3 cases may the SCA extend system certification?
1. When emergency operational commitments on the system prevent it from being available for an onsite survey at the time of the expiration of certification
2. When the system is scheduled for overhaul within 90 days after expiration of the current certification
3. When the SCA is unavailable due to prior commitments
In order to be considered temporary, transfer of system custody shall not exceed ______ days?
90 days
For the transfer of equipment either temporarily or permanently who must be notified?
NAVSEA Supervisor of Diving (NAVSEA 00C3). The SCA shall be kept apprised of all pending equipment transfers.