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what are special built tools that are necessary for the insertion of the replacement waster sleeves and welding of replacement strainer bars?
The cross brace jig, welding stage, and the watering/dewatering apparatus
When cutting the 2 middle strainer bars from the sea chest wall how many inches out from the sea chest must you cut it?
2" from the strainer wall
At what positions should you install 2, 6 ft. all-threads to remove the strainer grate?
opposing sides of the grate, at the 12 and 6 o'clock position
what is the minimum clearance must the grate be lowered from the sea chest opening?
4 ft.
A replacement waster sleeve section that will recieve the steam blow-out hole should be which of the 2 sections?
sections with the 15 degree off-center cuts on the leading edges
If pitting in the sea chest groove or shoulder area has been cleaned to bare metal, what should it be painted with?
MIL-P-23236 TYPE III, Class 1 paint
where is weld repair not recommended?
In the sea chest groove or shoulder area
Pitted, corroded, eroded, and damaged areas below the groove or shoulder with a depth exceeding ______ % of the wall thickness shall be restored with weld buildup?
What is the anti-rotation dowel made from?
brass dowel
the anti-rotational dowel should protrude a maximum of ___/___ inch from the bottom of the groove?
5/16 inch from the bottom of the groove
What should you use to dry the sea chest walls to permit paint adhesion?
When painting a sea chest what is the maximum thickness of the coat?
20 mils in thickness
What is used to form a gasket between the waster sleeve flange and the sea chest valve flange?
polysulfide rubber adhesive
What is the minimum cure time for the polysulfide rubber adhesive?
30 minutes