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On an FFG 7 class ship where are the APU's located?
2 APU's on each side of the keel between frames 100 - 108.
What are the 3 major components of an APU?
APU motor
training and retracting device (TRD)
T or F, does an APU have a kort nozzle?
What does the TRD consists of?
Support column
2 motors - 1 for rotating the unit and 1 for retracting the motor
What 2 types of problems that genrally occur in the APU system?
electrical and mechanical
what are the typical electrical problems?
grounding of one or more phases of the 3 phase, 440 VAC system
What should be used by ships force to megger each phase of an APU elec. system?
500-VDC megger
What is used to correct each electrical insulation resistance measurement?
Nomograph to the equivalent 25 degrees celseus
The corrected insulation resistance must be equal to or greater than ____ megohms, and what should be achievable?
3 megohms and 10 megohms should be achievable
What are signs of mechanical damage or bearing wear problems?
High motor amperage (> 800 amperes) or an increase in noise or vibration during APU motor operation
What kind of inspection must be conducted on an APU in both the retracted and the deployed position and what position do you start the inspection in?
level 2 inspection with the unit in the deployed position.
What must ships force do after retracting the APU 6" below the hull opening?
Verify that the bench mark is at the "zero" position.
What is the allowable gap between the hull opening and the fairing plate?
1" +/- 1/4" Uniform gap all the around
What must be done if the total fore and aft movement of the prop. shaft is more than 1/8 (0.125) inch?
APU motor thrust bearing must be replaced
What must be done if any propeller tip-to-kort nozzle clearance is less than 0.040 inch or more than 0.185 inch?
APU motor sleeve bearing must be replaced
How should the ship be moored and what is the minimum water depth below the keel required so work can be conducted on the APU?
damaged APU towards the pier
minimum of 10 feet below the keel, with 20 feet desirable
For planning purposes how many 8 hour shifts should it take to complete a waterborne APU motor replacement?
4 days
5 days - 1 additional day if electrical cable removal and replacement is required