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What date was the OSHA act implemented and By What president?
1.Signed into Law by President Nixon
a.December 29, 1970
b.Became effective on April 28, 1971
What does the OSHA act give the seceratary of Labor the authority to implement?
b.Conduct inspections and investigations and to issue citations

e.Approve or reject state plans for programs under the OSHAct.

h.Grant funds to the states for authentification of program needs and plan development.
What 2 agencencies were created by the OSHA Act?
1.Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

2.National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
What are the responsibilities of OSHA?
(b)To issue citations when alleged violations of safety and health standards are found.

(2)Defines standards to protect the health and safety of the worker:

(a)Design Standards - environmental control such as ventilation.

(b)Performance Standards - States the objective to be obtained and leaves the method for achieving it up to the employer.

(c)Vertical Standards - Applies to a particular industry with specifications that relate to that industry.

(d)Horizontal Standards - Applies to all work areas and relates to broad areas.
What are the responsibilities of NIOSH?
a.Principal Federal Agency engaged in research to eliminate on-the-job hazards.

b.Technical assistance to OSHA

(3)Conduct studies on the effects of exposure to hazardous substances.

(6)Perform respirator research to include selection, use and maintenance.
What are the 4 instructions that Implement controls for Occupational Safety and Health?
1.SECNAVINST 5100.10 series

2.OPNAVINST 5100.8 series

3.OPNAVINST 5100.23 series

4.OPNAVINST 5100.19 series

5.OPNAVINST 3120.32 series
What policy implements and manages the Navy Safety and Occupational Safety and Health Program?
SECNAV 5100.10
What instruction governs the Navy Safety and Occupational safety Health Program?
OPNAV 5100.8
What is the purpose of the Navy Safety and Occupational safety Health Program?

Occupational injuries
Illnesses or deaths
Material losses or damage
What insruction series comprises the Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual?
OPNAVINST 5100.23 series
What are the areas covered by the Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program Manual
(OPNAVINST 5100.23 series)?
(1)Councils and Committees

(2)Prevention and Control of Workplace Hazards



(5)Occupational Health
-This instruction may apply to forces afloat using the general concepts and provisions.
What manual governs the Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program for Forces Afloat?
a.OPNAVINST 5100.19 series
-Consists of three volumes:

(1)Volume I - NAVOSH and Major Hazard-Specific Programs.

(2)Volume II - Surface Ship Safety Standards

(3)Volume III - Submarine Safety Standards
What manual establishes the organization and regulation guidelines for NAVOSH Training?
1.Standard Organization and Regulations Manual of the Navy OPNAVINST 3120.32 series

a.Provides requirements for training

2.Schedule for Navy Safety School/OSHA courses

a.CNETNOTE 5100 (current year)
What is the science and art devoted to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of environmental stresses arising in the workplace that may cause sickness or impaired health?
Industrial Hygeine
What is a multi-disciplinary field of general preventive medicine which is concerned with PREVENTION OR TREATMENT OF ILLNESS induced by factors in the workplace environment?
Occupational Health


(1)Occupational Medicine
(2)Occupational Health Nursing
(5)Industrial Hygiene
(6)Health Physics
What is a multi-disciplinary field of general preventive medicine, which is concerned with SAFETY, factors in the workplace?
Who are the 7 personnel responsible for establishing and maintining the NAVOSH program?
1.Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Shipbuilding and Logistics)

2.Chief of Naval Operations

3.Fleet Commanders in Chief

4.Commander Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEASYSCOM)

5.Chief Bureau of Medicine and Surgery

6.Commander Naval Safety Center

7.Chief Naval Education and Training
Who is responsible for Implementation and management of the NAVOSH program and Establishes policy and standards for ALL commanders?
Who is responsible for Developing a NAVOSH Management evaluation mechanism for afloat commands?
What Command Ensures Occupational Safety and Health aspects are considered in design and engineering of all ships, aircraft, weapons, weapons systems, facilities and equipment?
Commander Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEASYSCOM)
Who Provides support in all aspects of Occupational Health, Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health?
Chief Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
Who Monitors safety and occupational health statistics and Provide direct support to fleet units on safety matters?
Commander Naval Safety Center
Who Ensures all elements of the approved Navy Training Plan for NAVOSH afloat are properly executed?
Chief Naval Education and Training
What are the CO'S Responsibilities Afloat?
Designate command safety officer and ensure proper training.

Establish a Safety Council and Enlisted Safety Committee.
What are the Safety Officer's Responsibilities Afloat?
Manages the NAVOSH Program based on objectives established by the Commanding Officer.

Reports to the Executive Officer for the administration of the NAVOSH program.
What are the Collateral Duty Safety Officer's positional Requirements for Afloat?
(1)A commissioned officer of department head status and seniority shall be appointed as collateral duty safety officer on ships without a primary safety officer.

(2)Chief Petty Officer may be appointed as the collateral duty safety officer on small ships.

(a)Must receive a waiver from Type Commanders.
Who is the Principal advisor to the CO?
Safety Officer
What are some of the responsibilities of the Medical Officer/Medical Department Representative?
Provide training information on Occupational Health Programs.

Direct access to the commanding officer regarding the MEDICAL ASPECTS of the NAVOSH Program.

Keep the safety officer and department heads informed.
What is one of the main duties of Department Heads, Divisions Officers and Work Center Supervisors?
Ensure all personnel are properly trained and have proper personal protective equipment.
Name the 6 members that compose a Safety Council?

(1)CO or XO (chairperson)

(2)Safety Officer (recorder)

(3)Training Officer

(4)Department Heads

(5)Medical Officer/Representative

(6)Command Master Chief
What is the CORE of the NAVOSH Program?



4.ELIMINATION of safety and health hazards.
Principle way to discover safety and health hazards?
through workplace inspections
What personnel conduct Workplace inspections involving evaluations (Formal and Informal)?
1.Industrial Hygienist

2.Trained Safety Officer

3.Trained Safety Petty Officer

4.Damage Control Officer

What are the 9 Types of workplace inspections?
1.Safety Inspections

2.Industrial Hygiene Surveys

3.Job site Observation

4.Master-at-Arms Force Inspections

5.Occupational Safety and Health Management Evaluations (OSHME)

6.Shipboard Safety Surveys

7. Board on Inspection and Survey (INSURV) oversight inspections

8.Civilian Personnel

9.Hazard Reporting by Individual Crew Members
What are the Required time periods for Industrial Hygein Survey?

(2)Every 18 months

(3)Between the completion of each yard period

(4)New construction

(a)Between builders trials and acceptance trials, IF POSSIBLE; or

(b)As soon after commissioning as possible.
What is the Purpose of the Medical Surveillance Program?
1.Purpose: To monitor the continuance of the health of personnel by:

a.Job certification and re-certification exams:

(1)To determine individual's fitness to begin or continue to perform a job safely and effectively.

b.Monitoring the health of employees who are exposed to known hazards.

c.Medical Surveillance provides for "Secondary Protection".

(1)Detect early indicators of excessive exposure caused by the work environment.

(2)Helps prevent actual disease, injury or illness.

(3)Allows for timely corrective actions.

2.Medical Surveillance Programs MUST comply with guiding instructions/NAVOSH Standards.
What are the 5 Types of Medical Surveillance Inspections?
a.Baseline (pre-placement)




e.Special Examinations