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How do you label eye hazard areas?
3" yellow and black tape
What is the flow rate for an eye wash station?
0.4gallons per minute for 15 minutes
A work place condition that might result in injury, health impairment, illness, disease, or death to any worker who is exposed to the condition, or which might result in damage to or loss of property/equipment.
An illness, or death to personnel or material loss or damage to property
What is the Diving Safety Program inst?
What is the least desirable for of protection?
What class does an injury preventing an individual from performing regularly scheduled duty or work 5 days beyond the day of injury.
Class C Mishap
What is the purpose of the Hazardous Materials Information System (HMIS)
Provide a mechanized means of distributing the MSDS information thoughout the DOD and other deferal agencies.
What is the Navy's Policy on HazMat?
Ships and Submarines do not generate hazardous waste
Who maintains the MAZMAT spill kits?
Damage Control Assistant (DCA)
What provides medical surveillance requirements of health hazardous materials aboard ship?
NEHC Technical Manual (NEHC TM) 6260.96-1
What color label is for Flash point by various temps, Fire
Who certifies a space safe to reenter?
What step is taken after a member discovers and reports a hazard?
Immiately leaves the space
How long does acclimatization take?
2-3 weeks
What type of condition whould produce steam?
Weather conditions
Buldge water
If a space does not exceed 85 degrees how often is the WBGT conducted?
every 4 hrs
when must the WBGT be recorded hourly?
If there is a heat casualty or if the DB temp exceeds 85 degrees
How do you record 100*F?
Circle in red and notify Supervisor Immediatley
What is Aspirated Wet Bulb temp?
obtained by increasing airflow at least 250ft/min over wick
What Phel chart is when watch work length is 4 hrs or less and DB is equal or greater than 100*
Phel I-III
What Phel chart is when watch or workstation length is greater than 4 hrs and DB is equal or greater than 90*
Phel I-III
When a survey resulted in PHEL stay time shorter than the duration of the watch/workstation time then adjustment of the watch /workstation duration will be made. No further survey is required unless what?
The temperature increases by 5* or returns to normal.
How may curves make up the PHEL chart?
What is the only alternative heat stress monitoring method authorized to determine the WBGT Index when there are no operable WBGT Meters aboard ship?
The Motorized Psychrometer
Where would you find the medical treatment when dealing with MSDS?
Hazardous Ingredients/Identity Information
When are mishap reports filed?
For every type of back injury