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Disease alert report also known as
med 6220-3
Blood donors treated for malaria in the past must wait ___ years from the date treatment was finished
Blood donors who visited malaria infested areas who were not treated for malaria must wait ____ to donate blood
6 months
Any person who is G-6-pd deficient has a risk of ______associated with taking primaquine.
All Disease Alert Reports are submitted by _____ message
Which mosquito carries malaria
Normally used for chemoprophylaxis in malaria.
Primaquine, chloroquine
Used when parasites are resistant to Primapuine and chloroquine
Pyrimethamine-sulfadoxine (Fansidar)
The _________ is a screening test for the presence of chloroquine in the urine.
Wilson-Edeson Test.
The wilson-edeson test gives a ___% false negative
The _____ ______ strain can quickly become fatal.
Plasmodium falciparum.
______ & ________ can be used for the treatment of severe malaria.
Quinidine and Quinine.
Control of communicable Diseases in Man is also know as the ____
Laboratory diagnosis is allowed by using
Giemsa's staining solution
All navy-marine corps personnel must have documented ____ in their health record
NAVMEDCOMINSTR 6230.2 Malaria Prevention and Control
NAVMEDCOMINSTR 6230.2 Malaria Prevention and Control