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What Instruction governs decedent affairs?
Who is responsible for the formulation and promulgation of policies, standards, procedures and training material pertinent to decedent affairs program?
Bureau of Medicine and surgery with the commandant of the Marine Corps
What is the current Death program?
Provides professional mortuary services, supplies and related services incident to care and disposition of remains
What program covers transportation of remains and decedent personal affects?
Current death program
when is the current death program operational?
During peacetime and outside areas of conflict
What is the graves registration program?
provides search, recovery, evacuation, initial ID,and disposition of personal affects found with each deceased and burial in temporary cementaries
When is graves program operational?
Only when authorized by responsible commander during major military operations
What is the concurrent return program?
Combination of the current death program and graves registration program?
When is the concurrent return program operational?
During emergencies and major military operations
Under what program will remains buried in temporary cementary be disinterred and evacuated?
concurrent return program
What is the return of remains programs?
it provides permanent disposition of remains that were evacuted from temporary cementaries
How can the return of remains program be activated?
by special legislation
What is the casualty assistance calls program?
Assists PNOK/SNOK with disposition of remains, death gratuity and unpaid pay and allowances, personal affects of deceased, wills, bank accounts,SGLI, application for VA
What instruction governs the CACP?
Within how many hours will the first PNOK call be made?
24 hours
What are primary expenses?
Expenses incurred in connection with recovery, prepararion and encasement of remains but not limited to removal, embalming, casking, shipping container, cremation, urn, clothing, and delivery of remains.
what are secondary expenses?
Expenses incurred in connection with funeral, burial of remains but not limited to transportation of relatives, single gravesite, vault,funeral director services, clergyman's services, opening and closing of gravesite, floral tribute amd obituary notices
What is a DD2063?
Record of preparation and disposition of remains within CONUS
What is DD2062?
Record of preparation and disposition of remains OCONUS
What is DD565?
Statement of recognition of deceased
What is DD2065?
Disposition of remains -reimbursable basis
Outside the 48 contigious, how many copies of DD565 must accompany remains?
2 copies
Whaqt is the apropriate temperature for a refridgerator to keep remains?
36-40 F (2.2-4.4 C)
What is DD891?
Record of ID processing dental chart
What form do fingerprints go on?
What is DD2064?
Certificate of death (overseas)
When and at what intervals are search, recovery and ID operations progress and/or unusual ID problems reported
After 36 hours of disaster and at 24 hour intervals
What is consignment?
Person's authorized transportation at governement's expense
What is consignment?
Person's authorized transportation at government's expense
Who designates consignment within 48 contingous United States?
PNOK/COMNAVMEDCOM for unclaimed remains
Who designates consignment outside the contigious 48 United States?
Port of entry mortuary
What is the west POE?
US Army mortuary, Oakland, Ca
What are east POE?
NAS Norfolk, Va/Dover Airforce base with office of medical affairs/Fort Hamilton NY with Office of medical affairs
When is government transportation not authorized?
from one point in the contigious United States to another point in the contigious United Sates
What is used to obtain commercial air or rail transportation for remains?
Government transportation request (GTR)
When a retired member dies in a military medical facility, transportation will not exceed?
Distance from medical facility to decedent's last permanent address
If stopover is requested by PNOK, who pays for costs at stopover?
Hom many hours is stopover allowed?
72 hours
What forms accompany remains outisde 48 contigious United States?
3 copies of dd2064 (certificate of death) and 2 copies of dd565 (statement of recognition of deceased
What forms accompany remains within the 48 contigious United States?
Civilian Death Certificate/