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Which part of a channel is indicated by a daybeacon displaying a pointer which bears the number 2?
The starboard side of the channel
Which part of the channel is indicated by a daybeacon which consists of a black square with a green border?
The port side of the channel
Which characteristics are used to identify a lighthouse which is transmitting fog signals?
The number, the interval and the tone of the signal blasts
What type of device is being used by a lighthouse for fog signaling if the signal has two tones?
A diaphone
What fog signaling device is being used if the signal sounds like loud chimes?
Diaphragm horns
Which buoyage system is employed on all navigable waters of the U.S the lateral or the cardinal system?
The lateral system
What are the most important features of cardinal marks?
The topmarks
What color of bands are used to color cardinal marks?
Black and yellow horizontal bands
What do black bands above yellow bands indicate?
What color of light is exhibited by a cardinal mark?
What is the most important feature of an isolated danger mark?
A black, double-sphere topmark
What color are used for safe-water marks?
Red and white vertical stripes.
What are the phase characteristics of the light used for safe-water mark?
It is occulting with equal intervals, having one long flash every 10 seconds (morse "A")
What type of mark is a cable mark?
It is a special mark
What topmark is used on a special mark?
A single yellow X
When about to enter foreign waters, which publication must be consulted in order to determine which bouyage system is used as well as for the exact description of the aids to navigation which maybe encountered?
The sailing directions
In what year were the international rules of the road originally adopted by all of the maritime nations?
In 1889
When a foreign government has established its own local RULES OF THE ROAD, IN WHICH PUBLICATION CAN THEY BE FOUND?
In what publication are the rulesof the road issued?
In navigation-rules international-inland(comdtinst m16672.2b) aka 72 colregs
What is ment by power driven vessel with reference to rules of the road?
It means any vessel which is propelled by any type of machinery
What type of information can be obtained from the navigation lights displayed on a vessel?
the direction the vessel is heading, an idea of its size and type,the opperations it is engaged in.
Define a ship which is underway.
It is not anchored or in port and has not ran aground.
What is the dictance above the deck of a power-driven vessel that the fore masthead light must be positioned according to the international rules of the road?
From 20 to 40 feet of above the deck
How many feet higher than the fore masthead light must a white light aft be shown on a vessel which is over 50 meters in length?
15 feet
What kind of running light may a power-driven vessel of less than 12 meters length display instead of a masthead light?
An all around white light
What is the only light which is required to be showen by a vessel under oars or by a sailing vessel of less then 7 meters in length?
A lantern showing a white light, which must be displayed in order to prevent a collision.
What is the daytime display for a pilot vessel?
A hotel flag
What are the lights which must be shown by a ship which is being towed?
Side and stern lights only
What lights are shown by a pilot vessel at or near the mastheadwhen it is employed in pilotage duty?
2 all around lights in a vertical line, with the top light being white and bottom being red
How can the heading of an anchored ship be established at night, if the ship is 50 meers or more in length?
The higher of the anchor lights will be near the bow of the ship
When a warship is at anchor where is the after anchor light usually placed?
It is usually on the flagstaff
What is displayed by a ship at anchor in a channel during daylight hours?
A ball shape in the forward part of the ship
Under what conditions does a power-driven vessel with a tow display 3 masthead lights in a vertical line?
When the length of the tow is greater then 200 meters
What dayshape is displayed by a towing vessel less then 50 meters which is towing astern with the length of tow exceeding 200 meters?
A diamond
What is the meaning of 2 all-around red lights being displayed where best seen on a ship at night?
It indicates that the vessel is not under command.
What does a vessel engaged in dredging display as a dayshape signal?
BALL-DIAMOND-BALL displayed vertically
What does the display of 3 red lights displayed vertically indicate?
A vessel constrained by her draft.
What is the duration of a prolonged blaston a ships whistle?
It is 4 to 6 seconds
what is the duration of a short blast?
1 second
What ia the sound signal of a vessel being towed?
A prolonged blast followed by 3 short blasts.
What purpose do wistle signals serve in international waters?
They are used to indicate the execution of course changes.
How is a course turn to starboard signaled in international waters?
By sounding a short blast
What is the meaning of 3 short blasts under the inland rules?
It signifies that astern propulsion is being operated
When 2 ships are in a crossing situation, which ship is the give-way vessel?
The ship which is to the port side of the other.
What is the only sound signal for execution allowed by the inland rules?
3 short blasts.