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Which type of chart shows a larger area of the earths surface, a small-scale chart or a large-scale chart?
A Small-Scale chart
Which of the following scales indicates a chart haing the greatest detail 1:7,000 or 1:75,000?
The 1:7,000
What type of chart is employed when a ship is navigating close to shore,or when navigating in channels which lead to bays or harbors
A coast chart
What units are used for water depths on navigational charts?
Depths maybe in feet, fathoms or meters
What is "piloting"?
It is the type of navigation in which bearing and ranges to objects located on chart are taken in order to fix the position of the ship
What are the two main types of aids to navigation?
Natural and artificial`
What is the correct order for describing the five descriptive elements of a fixed light shown on a chart?
It is described as follows: characteristic,color,height, and distance of visibility
What does a diamond-shaped navigational chart symbol indicate?
It indicates the approximate location of a buoy
Where can the standard abbreviations and symbols as used on U.S nautical charts be found?
They are found in chart No.1
What publication includes a description of every light in the world located outside the U.S and its possessions?
The List Of Lights
What agency publishes the List Of Lights?
The defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic center (DMAHC)
What agency publishes the Light List which describe navigational lights within the U.S and its possessions?
The U.S Coast Guard
What are the 4 standard colors which are used for lights on aids to navigation?
White,red,green and yellow
What is the geographic range os a light?
The max distance a light can be seen in conditions of perfect visibility.
What term refers to visibility of a particular light, when taking into account its elevation and intensity, the curvature of the earth. & height of eye of the observer?
Computed Visibility