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What article of the Constitution provides that the executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States?
The President is the administrative head of what branch of government?
True or False. The President may order the armed forces into military action before Congress declares war.
Who heads the military chain of command within the Department of Defense?
Who is the principal advisor to the President on defense policy?
Secretary of Defense
True or False. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff outranks all other officers in the armed forces.
There are a total of how many unified combatant commands?
In what year was the Department of the Air Force established?
As part of our military team, the Army focuses on what type of operations?
On what date was the United States Navy founded
October 13, 1775
What office monitors and evaluates congressional proceedings and actions that effect the Department of the Navy?
Office of Legislative Affairs
What office provides legal services within the Department of the Navy in all areas except business and commercial law?
Office of the Judge Advocate General
As an Assistant Secretary of the Navy, the Comptroller of the Navy is responsible for?
financial management
True or False. The Chief of Naval Operations is the second most senior officer in the Navy.
The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy is assigned to what immediate office?
What person advises the Chief of Navy Personnel on all matters regarding enlisted members and their dependents?
True or False. The operating forces of the Navy are combat or combat-support oriented
True or False. A task force (TF) is a subdivision of a fleet.
What is the Navy's primary source of immediate mobilization manpower?
Selected Reserve
True of False. The Military Sealift Command is operated by the Navy for all armed services.
True or False. U.S. Naval Forces Europe consits only of forces assigned by the CNO or from the Atlantic Fleet.
The U.S. Naval Forces Central Command's area of responsibility includes what area?
middle east
The Atlantic Fleet's area of responsibility includes what areas?
The Pacific Fleet's area of responsibility include what areas?
Arctic Ocean and U.S. West Coast
True or False. Shore commands answer directly to CNO to carry out their missions.
What command plans the amount of education and training needed by Navy personnel to meet manpower requirements?
What command has central authority for ship and nuclear power safety?
What command is responsible for research, development, test, evaluation, procurement, and logistic suppor in aviation-related areas?
What command develops supply management policies and methods?
What command acquires and disposes of real estate for the Navy and manages Navy family housing?
What command researches, develops, tests, evaluates, and procures airborne and shipboard electronics?
What command's mission is to organize, train, and equip computer and telecommunications activities?
What command's mission is to develop, produce, and support fleet ballistic missile and strategic weapon systems?
What command's mission is to collect, interpret, and apply atmospheric and oceanic data for safety and strategic and tactical planning?
What command provides, operates, and maintains an adequate naval security group?
What command is responsible for shorebased education and training of Navy, certain Marine Corps, and other personnel?
What command is responsible for the development of naval concepts?
What command oversees DoN's intelligence and security requirements and responsibilities?
What command administers the legal service program within the Navy?
What command provides direct space systems support to naval forces and helps prepare the naval service for larger space systems involvement?
What command enhances the war-fighting capability of the Navy and Marines by arming our Sailors, Marines, and civilians with the knowledge they need to save lives and preserve resources?
True or False. The United States Marine Corps is part of the Department of the Navy.
What is the largest government agency in the United States?
What organization is presidentially chartered and mandated by Congress to develop ballistic and cruise missile defense systems that are capable of providing a limited defense of the United States
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
What organization assists the military departments in their research and development efforts?
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
What agency is responsible for providing an efficient and effective worldwide system for reselling groceries and household supplies?
Defense Commissary Agency
What agency is responsible for making all payments, including payroll and contracts, for DoD?
Defense Finance and Accounting Service
True or False. The Defense information Systems Agency is a combat support agency.
What agency provides foreign intelligence and counterintelligence support to the SECDEF and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff?
Defense Intelligence Agency
Who serves as the director of the Defense Legal Services Agency?
General Counsel of the DoD
The Defense Logistics Agency is NOT responsible for the acquisition of weapons for the military services.
What agency is responsible for polygraph research, education, training, and examinations?
Defense Security Service
What agency is responsible for threat reduction to the United States and its allies from nuclear, biological, chemical, and other special weapons?
Defense Threat Reduction Agency